Ritual with a spirit companion

Greetings to all of you,
I would like to do a ritual together with a spirit companion of mine, but I don’t have experience with that. If you were to do a ritual with somebody else, spirit or person, how would you go about crafting and executing that ritual? What is important? Do you know any rituals or spells that I could do with my spirit companion? I would also love to hear about your experiences doing rituals this way. Sorry for the mass of questions but I am very curious and excited.
Thank you all in advance

Purpose. No purpose no results and no way to measure success. having purpose is important.

It’s all very want wanting to do a ritual, but… why? Doing a ritual for the sake of doing a ritual is a waste of time, imo. Figure that out and the rest will fall into place.

E.g., if this companion wants say, a confirmation of your relationship, then make the ritual about affirming your plans together. Make it mean something genuine.

I’ll do that, thanks