Ritual to find a lost pet

So i just saw a poster of a lost cat in my building lift and since then feeling very uncomfortable like I have to do something (as you can tell by my username and pic i’m a cat lover) is there a quick an easy ritual for that?


You can call upon call upon any of the big names you work with, like Lucifer or Belial or Azazel, and ask them to help find the lost kitty.

You could also invoke Bast, the Egyptian feline-headed goddess. Cats are sacred to her.


yes I was thinking of asking Lucifer as well :slight_smile: I usually need a few days to get my energy ready to connect with a new entity for the first time so calling Bast won’t be suitable today but I learnt about her just today thanks to you :slight_smile:


Perhaps scrying methods to gain some insight.

for example a few drops of blood in a bowl of water and mix it with some hair of your cat.
See what the forms tell you or your intuition.

For a spell.
Take a bowl and a white or green candle.
While consentrating on your intent, draw the Odal rune on a piece of paper.
Vibrate the Rune mantra while holding the rune and visiulize the runic energies provoking the return of your cat or pet finding it’s way back home.
Burn the rune and mix the ashes with some hair or other DNA of your cat, a little bit of milk and salt.
Put the powder on your doorstep or in front of the appartment .


that’s really helpful thank u ! but i don’t actually own a cat , my landlord doesn’t allow and i travel a lot :slight_smile: so i was just looking for something quick and easy to help a neighbour!

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Well then, here you have some :slight_smile:


Also try this:

I see an image of a cat being lifted out of a basket, the person is pleased to see the cat, I think they will be found. Hope so! :heart: cats.


the name of the cat is Pipi is it the same cat? :wink:

Love the name :smile:


I don’t know, I just saw that image when posting. :cherry_blossom:

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