Ritual to End a Relationship from Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield


Hello everyone,

I did the ritual to end a relationship from Magickal Attack by Gordon for 31 days. I was so confident that it was a month and did the ritual only for 31 days. After 3 days I realized that I was supposed to do the ritual for 33 days. As soon as I realized this, I completed the ritual so I meet the requirement of doing it for 33 days. Since there is 3 days gap in between and I did not miss any other days, do you think I should redo the entire ritual again for another set of 33 days? It does mention that if you stop before 33 days, reconciliation is highly possible. Would like to get some inputs/thoughts on this.

Background info: Two days after I finished 31 days, it did seem like everything was normal between the targets. Up until then, it was rocky. I assumed it was one of those things where targets become close before pulling apart for good.


Honestly don’t think it will make any difference re the 2 day gap.


Dolphin, thank you for the reply. I hope the 3 days would not impact the results as you said.


3 Days will not impact the ritual.
The mention of the days is to cater for any mistakes that you could make within the 33days.


what matters is your commitment to the ritual. Things happen so dont worry about the gap


Illumia, that makes me wonder, is it a set rule to do the ritual for 33 days or can it be done for less # of days or more depending on how the person connects to the spirits?


Thank you Truth, that helps me to stop overthinking about this.


no problem it happens to everyone. I have a lot of the gallery of magicks books


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Can i maybe have a link to this ritual please? :grin:


There is no link. It is a ritual from the book Magical Attack, as the title of the thread states.


Im obviously one of the dudes that picks and chooses what he reads in the index :joy: thanks for pointing that out


Tbh I don’t fully get the need to do a ritual for 33 days in a row, when you could do a single ritual to a number of spirits from say, the goetia, and have one of them break up the relationship. Seems like a lot of time investment for something so simple for Magick to accomplish


Verdo, do you have a suggestion on which spirits would be best at this? I was thinking Gaap or Leraje.


I believe the 33 days is needed because you’re using your energy to achieve the desired result, not only counting on the spirit. If ritual was a simple petition then once would be more than enough as you mentioned.

Still very long ritual, I think because they’re keeping in mind possible resistance from the couple. It’s difficult to cause change when a free will is involved, not impossible but takes more time. I think.

Also it could be a factor that this is one of their early books. Published around 2015 as I remember. The same time Brand’s rituals used to be for 11 days. On the other hand. Angels of Wrath, was published after that, 2016/17 probably, includes rituals to break up relationships and should not performed for that long. Once or 3 times max. So maybe their understanding of the time needed to achieve results was changed later.


Fair enough, but I mean…one could argue that pretty much any mind altering objective could come across some resistance. 33 days for something I’ve seen done time and again with a simple sigil Magick session to Asmoday feels like overkill