Ritual or Spell to Sell an Expensive Item e.g. House, Car, Earth Moving Equipment

Hi Everyone, I initially joined this site due to a previous thread years old ( Ritual/Spell for Selling an Item ) that I used to help me sell a piece of equipment. It worked well for the less expensive equipment that was in worse condition in a snap. So after that was sold I turned my attention to the other one. So far no dice, I still have it in my possession and I still have to be spending on it too after being parked awhile one of the tyres fell flat and I had to remove it and have it replaced today.

In the initial thread the OP used Paimon. I used both Paimon and Nikita to get the first one sold. Did the same thing for this other piece and nothing. Really need this sold as I need the money to take care of other business urgently.

I have also used a candle spell in an attempt to get it sold as well as burning incense with chants geared to get it sold, I have sat in it and openly commanded it to move to a new owner as I cannot afford to continue to own it, I have also meditated in it still NADA.

I have also spent over $200 advertising it.

Can someone please suggest another ritual or spell that can quickly sell a valuable item. I would be most grateful, thanks in advance for your assistance.

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I use a ritual to sell a expensive book. Butas a offering i give a pork chop, and wen i ask the spirts my wish i use needle and prick it. 12 am. By 530 i put in a tree, whit a shooter alcoho. Done deal. U can adapt tp spirts


Very interesting spell and by putting the pork chop and alcohol in a tree, a vulture, rat etc will take it and carry it off in the universe. Going to try it and give you feedback. I have never heard of butas and a quick google doesn’t bring up anything Thank you for your reply.

Ok my phone is meseup .so basically u focus relax and chant a spirt name u choose, prick pork chop, wen saying spirt name and u wish at least 200 times, and star 12am any day to 530 lates, am. Then put in a tree whit a shooter of alcohol, small botles as offering, nutas not sure why my phone say tat.

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Thanks zorrito, i appreciate it!

Hi again guys still have the equipment took off 3,000 off the ask and it’s still here. A few times I swore “yes this is it!” but the potential buyer didn’t come through.

I really need to get this sold ASAP, I have to move soon and the apartment complex really is not set up for me to put a piece of equipment on the property. I am also in a bit of a corner financially because I took some risks in an attempt to launch my business. All that being said, I need this sold ASAP. Please help guys and if a spell or ritual etc. from any of you gets it sold I will send you a monetary thank you.

Itse me again i solf a lot of nooks lately whit the pork chop alcohol tree. Its been 3 months since u post., can i pm some rituals, on pm. If u want.

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@zorrito Hi zorrito I did not get a chance to do this as yet but I will be doing it tonight. I will keep you posted on the result and also too if it works I will send you a tip :slight_smile: do have any more advice for me in terms of working with butas? Wish me good luck :slight_smile:

I actually moved recently so this is the first true ritual I will be doing in my new home as well as in an apartment compound setting but I am sure it will go off without an itch :slight_smile:

Sorry butas,? Yes try tat i have monday off i will try to send more. Its full moon go for.

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@zorrito Hi just did it, just stepped back inside, I have a really good feeling about this. Found the perfect tree on the compound too :slight_smile:

This is it…plus I have a buyer coming to look on it on saturday and I advertised it again today!

I will definitely keep you posted and thanks again for everything!

Hey waiting for the buyer to come now I’m sooo nervous…need this sold…thought abt going down to it really quickly and maybe lighting incense etc and doing some incantations but think it’s better if the spirit of butas remains since it’s the last thing I did in there.

It’s like when this sells I can breathe so much more…anyway thanks for listening and ur support zorrito

@zorrito they came…3 of them…all members of the same family…they test drove it, inspected it, huddled together… all of this took about 40 minutes. They said they would return with a mechanic asked me for the best price I took of like $400 from am already ROCK BOTTOM price. After we said our goodbyes they spent an additional 15 minutes or so on the compound I guess deliberating on it.

They said they liked it…hope they come back soon and we can close this deal. Paid for a major ad for it statewide it’s coming out tomorrow.

@zorrito hey I haven’t seen you reply in a bit but just updating you. They came back this time with a mechanic/technician he green lit it and they said they were arranging the financing. That was last week Wednesday and I have not heard back from them since.

Hi again everyone appealing to everyone for any rituals, spells, incantations, techniques to get this sold. It is already at rock bottom where price is concerned some people have commented that I’ve priced it low. I paid good money to fully service it last year. I’ve been doing everything I know to get this sold. Entered into an agreement with a dealer yesterday to have it displayed on their lot. I need this gone from the days before yesterday. I would really appreciate any tips.

Hi. Did u try 3 times the rune spell, ,? Try again and i will share something fpr evwbody asap. Here.

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Here its perfect time, purify yourself first. Then get a paper or metal shhet from lowes, Home Depot. A litle square if can or good quality paper, and put u wish tat u want to sell tis. Buy a good incense, and pine fragrance or woodsy incense be good. And invoqe tis wen passing paper tru smoke. And a black candle.

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Its my wish to be successful in tis sale. Help me kafsiel for baphomet, and baaberith. .done. i will post more here. Asap. And re do runes again.

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Thanks man I went back to our pms saw the rune spell and I’ll do it today.

Also thinking about repeating the butas spell since it came so close the last time.