Ritual or Spell to stop people asking me for money

Hi All

I plan on working with Duchess Bune shortly to assist me with increasing my savings. So far I’ve been really good and been able to save small amounts leading up to slightly bigger amounts and I think working with Bune will assist me even more.

The problem I have is the people I know are rather parasitic (no point in sugar coating the word as demons know if your not being truthful). They are playing on my loneliness to get money from me.

Now it may not be much but these people ask for $10 here $15 there and before I know it I’ve spent $100 in one day. I’ve told them to go away and I’ve said no but they keep asking and it’s affecting me psychologically even if I tell them to fuck off.

Is there a spell or ritual that can help with getting these people away from me? Can Bune assist with this as well?

Why not just tell them no?


Already said no. I get incessant messages from them. And others like them.


Then just don’t listen to them. Block


It’s a psychological mind fuck. In that you think these people are only after you for money and that affects your self worth owing to the type of people you attract and that in turn affects your magic. Tried blocking these people but they are parasitic and message off different numbers and the police don’t deal with these cases.

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Have you tried doing a banishing spell?

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@Lady_Eva posted a spell that could help. I don’t remember what it is called right now. i think freezer


Good plan. Didn’t think of that. I’ll use the all powerful search bar as I’ve heard of banishing spells but never done one nor do I understand what it entails.

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Thanks. Will give that a go.

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I will try and send some energy to help as well.

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Much appreciated

Use this powerful spell with Lucifer.Write his names and command them to step.I do this ritual couple of times,very effective!!

Say No! with authority.

Shield yourself so their parasitic energy cannot get its claws into you.

When you see them in person, imagine yourself morphing into the biggest, baddest motherfucker your imagination can come up with. Personally, I recommend a dragon. Few things are more intimidating. This changes your aura, and, with practice, people may even “see” the dragon looming over you.

I have read accounts of people using this technique to scare off attackers intending to harm them, so a parasite with his hand out for money will probably piss himself.


Play dumb.
If you are asked to transfer the money transfer really small amounts, but never the amount that will meet the demands of the persons. Take the money back again, telling them that you will correct it. Fuck it up again. They will lose patience.

If they want cash from you ask them if they could give out some change because you only have big notes. Be nitpicky. Give them ten dollars in cents or whatever the smallest currency is. Tell them something wise yet stupid about small amounts of money while you’re handing out a jar of cents to them, asking them to return the amount in the exact same manner because damn, that change.

Tell them you would like to give them money but you can only pay them in some fucked up crypto currency, like Ripple or something. Because you’ve invested and now all of your money is in that crypto currency but it will pay off in 10 years or so. Tell them how that stuff works even if you don’t have a clue. Doesn’t matter.

Invite them for dinner. Order everything you want for the exact same amount of money they’re asking from you. Whoops, you forgot your wallet. Tell them you’re even if they pay for the both of you.

However they will receive money from you, let them suffer for it somehow. They will look for some other cashcow soon enough.


I have issues when people ask me for money, I had a bad relationship where he wanted to take everything from me and from that I realize that people who only bring up getting money from me or only doing small talk to get money aren’t friends, they are users who don’t care about me and wouldn’t help me if I got in trouble.

Project at a higher vibration and attract better people in your life.


The magic word is “NO”.


Interestingly although I have not tried any of spells posted yet due to being caught up in other matters in the mundane. The majority of parasites have just disappeared with the exception of one which I am currently and very presently dealing with.

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Besides telling them no and blocking them…

In my experience, (most) people won’t dare hit you up for money if they think you don’t have any. If they still manage to bother you after being blocked, tell them you just lost your job, or your car engine needs a rebuild, or your beloved pet needs expensive surgery. Make up something believable. I’ve even gotten charities to stop asking me for money doing this. (Seal the deal by carrying only a tiny amount of cash. They can’t get it from you if it’s not on you. If that’s not possible, use a money belt.)

And then freeze those fuckers out!

This is going to sound odd, but I actually recommend going through a seven day invocation period with Sorath. I used to be overly generous due to people pulling the same card. Once I went through that, I no longer gave a shit about the opinions of others. He definitely helps to put things into prespective.

He actually taught me a pretty powerful banishment involving drawing his sigil over their name and throwing it into a fire, giving their existence in one’s life and all the energy they consume up to the sun. I’ve pretty much erased the presence of those people from my life.

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