Ritual of the relese of hate

Is it absoultely nacessry to use a clay figure for the ritual of the relese of hartred.
Can’t it be a picture or name?
(I am talking about the ritual in EA’s baneful magick. He also talked about it in one of his video in youtube. I think its name was ‘How to curse a human being’ or something among these lines)

Thanks :slight_smile:


I quite like play doh myself, or paper play if I want to burn it. A picture is ok but it helps to have something physical that can take a bit of abuse. You name the poppet, so the name is needed too.

You can do the same thing with a visualisation of a doll I guess, but imo, that’s technically a slightly different thing.


The doll makes it more alive and easy to act out your emotions. If you have imaginary doll, you are putting to much multitasking. you have to focus on making the doll in head and the emotions. with actual doll you can just focus on emotion.

Also I would think that we can rephrase the request. Instead of killing someone. Maybe we can say killing the relationship between 2 people. Or kill their sexual urge so that it hurts their manhood. As sexual energy is part of life. Torture seems to be more satisfying then death. Some people need to suffer. It helps with their soul growth. your doing them a favor. hahaha. Killing 2 birds with one stone.

And if your not good at making dolls. There are doll molds available too.