Ritual like from conjuring 3

I was thinking with magic occultists can manipulate someones mind i saw this movie conjuring 3 and there isla kastner was doing a ritual where she was doing cuts and the victim was doing the same. Is it possible to do such magic and manipulate someone and force to do something vomiteing when i will vomit but not for real and with my actions make the person do it same as me
But how someone know something about it how this magic is called?

That is called “sympathetic magick”, she identified with the target so that what happened to het was what happened to the target. This is normally done with poppets aka dolls, not yourself, because that’s dumb. Sensations and more interesting for a shitty, sensationalist film using the occult to gift for money, but dumb: don’t do that.

Look up doll or poppet magick.

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