Ritual For Hire - The Ultimate Renewal

The Ultimate Ritualistic Renewal.

This ritual is potent one indeed, it’s a ritual which I done for myself and changed not only my journey into ascent but every aspect of my mundane life. The ritual itself is intended for those that have been trying, but not succession. For those that have kept pushing and pushing, but have hit a road block. It is for those that have sat and pondered on why life is the way it is, when you’ve tried everything to change it. This ritual is for those that believe they are cursed, or are a pawn in some cruel universal joke. It is for those that cannot wield the powers of magick, no matter how much they’ve tried. It is for those that can wield the powers of magick but seem to struggle to obtain the results they desire, it is for those who just want a new start, to do away with all the drama, the trauma, the blockages, the chains, the prohibiting factors in their life that stops them from manifesting their desires and achieving the goals and dreams, that they desperately want and damn right deserve.

This ritual is for those that are beginners in this path, it is also for those adepts out there. This rite is for all kinds and walks of life, this ritual will do the following things in your life.

  1. Road Opener - This ritual acts as a road opener ritual, to allow the opportunities in your life to present themselves for the things that you have been trying to have and trying to succeed. It will clear the road in your life off all blockages, this includes people, situations and behaviours in oneself that you didn’t even know were there.

  2. Uncrossing ritual - This ritual also acts as a uncrossing ritual, which ride you off any curses, hexes, bindings etc. Whether these were placed on you, whether you cursed yourself (self cursing actually happens guys), or maybe the curse/hex/binding is hereditary being passed down to you by ancestry, something which flows down through generations and lives within the blood that courses your veins.

  3. Destroyer Of The Opposers - There could be forces out there that do not want you to success, ascend or achieve in life. These forces can be energies, spirits, parasites, vampires, people etc. This ritual is specifically designed to destroy those that stand in your way and make so they never return to you again, so they can never limit you and your growth in life and in your ascension.

  4. Healing & Cleansing - Once this ritual is done all toxicity, negativity and limitation that is hindering you in life and your personal development, spiritual or mundane wise will be terminated. You’ll be a clean slate, the mind, heart, soul and even aspects of the body, will be cleansed, purified and healed to set out on your new journey anew.

  5. Protection - Once your in this state of absolute freedom, liberation and truly a clean slate, I do my best to ensure the duration of this, by placing protection upon you. Literally channeling my own personal power into you, awakening not only the living god within you. Also solidifying your auric field to ungodly measures, I also enlist upon you two spiritual guards and guides which will protect you from anything that might come your way, whether it be physical or spiritual.

  6. Empowerment - Once all this is done, I awaken the essence of the silent one within you, your own divinity, the untapped dormant potential of your own power. Literally acting as a deification of the flesh and spirit, allowing one to truly have the power to create change in their life and pursue your goals and if you so wish you may use this power in your own lives.

All of this is possible once the candles from my ritual have been extinguished the effect releases into the world, like a shockwave of omnipotence, realigning not only the client, but also all things in reality whether infinitely small or infinitely large, to ensure not only your changed, but the world around you changes with you, to ensure the effects of this ritual.

The ritual itself involves energy working, evocation, sympathetic magick, sacrificial magick & many more methods all rolled into one.

Is it time for a change ?, are you looking to make a difference ?, then what are you waiting for ?. All you have to do is message me with your personal information so I may use as a fetish link to you and a payment off £250 to truly hit the restart button on your life, with a substantial upgrade on living it.




I’m sending you a PM about this.

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What would that be in U.S. currency?

xe Currency Converter @RyuDarkness

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Around, $340


Thank you!

I just signed up for this. When will it take place?

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Is this available for a certain amount of time? Cause I’m thinking of doing it but not right this minute. Also, since I live in the states will the payment go through a PayPal?


The payment for his ritual for hires are through paypal yeah.


Yes. Paypal.
Message him and he will give you his paypal address.

I Might actually need to get in on this.

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When will this ritual take place?

i think once you buy

If there’s a list you wait your turn and he’ll tell you when he’ll be able to do it.


OK. That makes sense. Thanks.

Thank you very much.

I have private messaged you and I am completely interested!

If you use PayPal in the United States your payment will go through, provided that you have the funds available in your account to complete your purchase.

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Okay! Paid and ready to go.

Hi Connor, how long before you will see or feel results