Ritual for Happiness

Are there any ritual for sudden hapiness increasing and relief psychological obstacles ?
I am fine but there is dulness on me and generally bad thougts come to my mind.
I am meditating in mornings, I am repeating “I have no problem and all is well” for 100 times

I never be a motivated person for 5 years and my memory is so bad in this days, I cannot keep my targets in my mind, this can be reason

I was much worse but I worked EA’s power commands and my self-confidence was increased

Note : I am under psychiatric treatment for 5 years

Stop and Smile. Just that. Do whenever you find yourself looking sad or frowny.

Next level: Try the Inner Smile from qigong.

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Do you have access to Amazon in your country?

If so, I recommend picking up a copy of either Archangels of Magick, or 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand.

There are angels in those books that can help.

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Thanks for your advice
I couldnt find in Amazon but I found in issuu
@Mulberry and thanks to you also, I will try smile
I can laugh for hours if it is works. Is it really beneficial ?

Just smile. Take it easy on yourself. It affects your vagus nerve and makes it relax and reduce stress response.

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I’ve got one for you picked out.

Angel Pahaliah:
The power to experience joy. He will help you live in the moment.