Ritual for bullies?

Hi all!:black_heart: I wanted to ask you a question! I have a friend who is suffering from very strong workplace harassment … She cannot leave because it would harm her. What ritual could she do to get them to leave her alone, to get them fired, so she doesn’t have to see them at work anymore or so they don’t bother her anymore at work? I don’t want to kill them, or anything serious, just to be left alone and she can continue her work normally. Thank you!


A binding could do.

As for spirits, when I first met Ares, I automatically stood up to this ass at my college so maybe working with a Martian spirit can help her assert herself?


A binding? Sorry mi English is limited :joy::pray:
I’m working with hecate, Lucifer, LSM, Kali and Baphomet, I think one of this deity help me with this. But is the first time I have it a chase of bullie and, I don’t know what to do

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I would evoke Raum to destroy, turn them on each other and ruin their workplace reputations

A jar curse with their photos all in with black cat and dog hair with vinegar and a suitable Demon would also work well. It would make their bullying dynamics turn onto each other


You can Evoke Belial at 1:30pm on Saturday to banish and punish them who have bullied and used their power. If that’s not enough an evocation of Abaddon can be done to destroy the target. Follow it with a simple cord cutting rite and you got a overkill that is definitely gonna work.


This could be helpful. A freezer spell could be handy as well


Thank you so much everyone !! The thing is, I haven’t worked with any demons yet … Well Lucifer … But for me he is more of a dual god than a demon. Could I apply what you tell me to a ritual with Lucifer? Thank you very much for your help :black_heart: you are so kind!

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I was bullied by this one guy in HS and visited a temple of Kali Ma’s and the Priestess helped me. The bully left me alone and changed schools. She did no harm but that’s how these Priests and Priestesses are. I’m tempted to curse him now though XD

Kali is awesome at cutting bad people out of yout life.