Rich magickians

I think poster wanted to know about everyday folks in modern time getting rich through magic , not stories that isn’t modern times that is hard to prove.

100% agreed.

Many aren’t willing to do what’s required to become wealthy, many don’t TRULY want to be wealthy.

The birth chart shows potentials, limitations, weakness, challenges we have to deal with, but many won’t touch these matters in one lifetime.


Getting wealthy is not hard.

Not exactly magick in the sense that you mean, but many many rich celebrities allude to law of attraction, manifesting their wealth. Will smith has talked openly about it, Arnold Schwarzenegger, UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor, I’ve heard lyrics in rap songs that seem like direct references to law of attraction. The letters Bruce Lee wrote to his family imply that he had an understanding of law attraction that he put to good use. Tons of super rich people have at least used law of attraction techniques and I’m sure plenty of them have dabbled in more occult techniques without discussing it publicly.

If everything is energy, including wealth, then you need to at least set up your life in such a way that wealth energy can flow into it. Start up a small business that has the potential to grow, nobody is going to misplace their millions on your front lawn.


They probably knew that magick changes your reality, not work for them. The person did the work, their situation was just amplified to make it likely to work … that’s what I think, lol it sounds so obvious :laughing: but I had to mention it

if you don’t know the how to, it’s hard. if you don’t have mentors it’s hard. figuring it out alone by trial and error is hard especially if your 1st generation in terms of finance.

For those who have family generations that gone through figuring out how to be rich. it may be easier for them as they grew up with certain traits and may have financial support or teachings that help build wealth.

It all comes down to finance education as well as networking. not just any education. it has to be practical education where it meets reality in the physical world and not just in one’s head.

If one look at wealth. what does it comprise? selling of goods or service. to get that money one have to get buyers. so one of the key thing is 'how to get customers?" When it involve people it’s likely about knowing people and that falls in sales category. Not everyone have skills in finding customers or a list of people they know.

It may be easier when one have some finance laying around as they can buy people to help make the business successful but for newbies it’s not easy. Of course it’s also easy for people that have gotten rich as they learned the how to part. But for those who have no experience at all building wealth. its not easy.

some people are not lucky to meet many people that help them. they have hardships cuz they met traitors. lol. most of successful people, if you observe is successful because they have people helping them. they know tons of people. Or at least one person who bring all the customers. no one get rich alone. that’s why there is the saying. ’ it’s not what you know but who you know".

There’s this massage therapist who is crappy with her skills. but cuz she gots a friend who knows everyone she got rich by referral. these customers don’t know what real massage is. lol. don’t matter. they still go to her cuz of people they know and cuz she’s also young and pretty. this is but one example. there are many out in the world with these kind of cases. rich people who have crappy service. then there is also celebrity status. sometimes the fame overshadow the product or service. they get lots of followers throwing money left and right and not caring for quality check. marketing at it’s best. lol.

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If money rituals worked, the people using them would not need to sell their money rituals. They would get rich from the money rituals, and, not tell us.

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they don’t work alone. cuz it’s working in the energy plane. one still have to match it up with the physical plane.


They would still need an avenue for the riches to arrive, and there’s no reason it couldn’t be through selling wealth rituals…

Although, I would be weary of buying one from someone who appeared to have barely any sales. If they are making tons of sales, maybe they are doing it right?


i’ve look at some of the rich folks astrology like bill gates , steve jobs and many celebrities who are filthy rich. Their astrology chart support their wealth and it’s always include timing too.

Right now jack ma the owner of alibaba is in lawsuit and fined huge billions. If you look at his astrology chart, currently he’s going through bad luck cycles. But during the time of him getting rich from rags days, he got rich during good luck wealth cycle. he also got rich later in his life as his chart showed wealth potential is later in life not early in life. so he had hardships early in life.

Most of these filthy rich folk’s chart show huge potential in wealth. some people have wealth in chart but they aren’t filthy rich. there is a cap to some people’s wealth’s destiny . Not all can be filthy rich. Of course it do require action and choosing the proper career field too. Environment of birth and parents/surrounding people influence as well. There are some people born on same day as these filthy rich folks but they aren’t filthy rich. but if you look at the life, they follow similar good luck. They get acknowledged or promoted in around same yr etc… They both live well off but one is just more ultra wealthy. etc…


A beetle paul Mccartney

What could you tell us about it? Share your thoughts with us, so that we can further expand on this matter.

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Well there are many vehicles to build up wealth.
Investments, making businesses, etc.
If you know what you are doing, building wealth is easy.

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Wealth is caused by taking action , change a million lives is the easiest way to become a millionaire , provide a service or product for a wide customer base and market it well , literally all there is to it , can’t dance around with magick , sure manifest some money here and there , money is definitely more correlated to masculine aspect of reality


Can you pm me what kind of astrology that’s relating to , website or ideology

Yes, many of them don’t know about the forces supporting them and helping them become rich

What exactly do you look for in a chart to tell if someone has the ability to become rich?

that requires training to see their luck cycles. Of course you would look at the wealth element and that is determined by what day they born on. the day tells you what element the person is. then you have to see if they can handle the wealth. If they can’t handle the wealth that means they aren’t discipline to keep the money but spend spend spend. then you can also see if they have opportunity to make money. sometimes the money isn’t theirs but the chart says they see money. One have to look at person if they can keep the money or if they have wealth storage. there is also the business analysis too. Is the person a worker or a entrepreneur? there’s many categories in the chart. then there is the timing factor of wealth luck.

some people have chart where the spouse rob them. lol. i know you husband folks is laughing. any money you make gets taken away by the wife or children. haha.

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