Rich magickians

That is very kind.

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Madonna is one of the richest magicians she said she uses Kabbala and wears a red bracelet and so on


Do you believe her?

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I feel attacked!

But you know what this is the truth! I’m just now realizing half of my issue learning how to properly make money… beyond the smoke and mirrors type people who teach but don’t really want you to learn… is needing organization and consistency. Consistency has been the hardest thing. That and appreciating simplicity.


I’m a very lazy person until I see the potential for more ZEROS.

People want to work everyone to the bone for very little. That’s one reason I realized right away I prefer to service people who make more than me not less. People who make less and see how much I walk away with feel some kind of way many of the times because they make money much slower and get mad jealous catty overcritical, etc.

Downside: I’m spoiled and the quarantine thing changed up my whole game and I need to figure it out/ get it done quick.

Upside: quarantine is calling me to focus on way to put myself in a better, smarter position.

My laziness is still a big motivator. If I don’t put myself in a better position that mean crappy full time job again.

I think what you are talking about might be depression, learned helplessness, or people who are treated bad for being a little slow or not educated well enough to function where they are trying to function.


Also to add to discussion

I’ve worked for multiple gifted/magically inclined people who were my employers. When they are honest and respect you it’s interesting and when they don’t respect you and try to do magick for their own sake to hell with the workers it sucks. Regardless 80% of the business is mundane Day to day physical sit ass in chair and get it done still. That must be in order and legitimate.

Wealthy people or even working rich in the lower six figures are not going to walk around with pentagrams and baphomet t-shirts unless they are in a band. Too many conflicts when they are trying to get everyone’s money.

I’m certainly no where near rich. But I do see if you want to be rich wealthy, set yourself up well where ever and how ever you can.

I remember I saw a lady open up a shop and saying she specializes in money magic… but then the shop was in the hood. So what happens? The majority of people there want everything for pennies and you can’t reach your full potential unless she AND her clients are ready to shift and take risks. But most people in that area have huge hang ups that people with more means and freedom don’t. People of low means will be the first to complain and make bad reviews if they change their mind and suddenly feel that merits getting their “hard earned money” back. Low commitment issues, low accountability issues, don’t want to leave comfort zone, unskilled but want to be paid the most, nothing original to contribute or create, etc. They’ll beg and try to wrestle you down with guilt for discounts… they are the main ones weaponizing yelp reviews…This is just an example of how people set themselves up poorly because it is what they know. It’s much more intimidating to move to say… Manhattan and say you are a money witch unless you know your stuff mundanely and magically. So set every area of your life and business up as best as possible and make the process easier on yourself.


That’s broke lingo. :man_facepalming:

Money isn’t everything but it’s all people keep track of - Dan Peña

For people interested in being wealthy:
Wealth Magick by Damon Brand is awesome, I’ve reread the chapters.
The Law of Success - Napoleon Hill

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Be careful with The Dan Pena, Jordan Peterson stuff, he-man stuff. That’s a recipe for a lonely existence and early heart-attack.

Dan Pena screams fraudulent, angry, violent, drunk to me. He has soooooooooooooooo many issues and hangups and very little actual proof, records and credentials to back up being this major business man he claims to be. He banks off of the word “billionaire” in his marketing but he’s not a billionaire.

Jordan Peterson is the quintessential example of “crystalized knowledge”. And when he tried to tell us about his version of Egyptian gods :face_vomiting:.


Everyone likes to talk about Napoleon Hill’s book, think and grow Rich. The moreinteresting type of people are the types of people who dedicated their lives to that book and made millions off of it. You’ll see on YouTube there’s a lot of people talking about how exactly these laws of the universe work, and they were very informative.

This is why I like going to different types of magicians. They always have interesting perspectives and information.


Well this is not much but year 2030 I am wealthy asf


Who needs to wait until 2030? Your wealthy as fuck right now


How so brethren?? Spiritually?


Well, it’s more of a mindset shift. If you want to be wealthy,you just need to alter the kind of stuff you’re bringing in. And if you want to alter the kind of stuff you’re bringing in, you have to alter yourself. This is one of the biggest tools of money based magic. If you feed your subconscious a belief enough, one day it will believe it, and then once you see the results enough, you’ll know it.


This is very true and Im working on death and transformation


Wealth does not buy health,
if you eat well and have clean water you are more wealthy than you can imagine.


Adjust for inflation, take into account private equity and assets, connections etc.
He has billionaires thanking him in testimonials.
He has created many multi-millionaires through his coaching.

He has his own castle. He’s a lot richer than me and has all his information for free…

I agree.
The man in a genius in his field.
He has taught me a lot despite sharing different religious views.
He makes the Bible interesting.
He has worked for his recognition and is a modern hero.


Of course :joy::dollar:

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I believe the rich magicians are those of us that steer their magic in the direction of where money can be earned with not too much effort on their part. As in helping them becoming the right man in the right place on the right moment scenario.

I mean it is all cool and fun to try to win the lottery with magic, but take it for what it is: Fun, do not rely on it to make you rich.

You need to create opportunities in the real world and then use magick.
F ex you need to improve your location and surround yourself with very wealthy individuals, then use magick and the results will speak for itself. Attack the issue from all angles. Only spiriual doesn’t work. Yes you can work very hard, but sometimes the karma or astrological aspects in your chart prevent you from becoming rich.
Then you need to do a lot for poor people first to clear your karma energetic field.
The universe is more complex than just magick. But magick is part of it and if you understand that we are all connected and how the energy field works…you are good to go

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As to why normal people don’t get rich?

normal people are lazy. they don’t develop their mind.
sometimes one’s destiny or astrology chart don’t allow them to be rich. There’s limit on one’s riches told by one’s astrology birth .
Most likely it’s laziness to not develop mind.

And even if some normal people get rich, they likely keep it secret. so you dont hear about them.

'the prosperty bible ’ book will cover most problems with the mind/thoughts . Not many will bring the ideas in the book into real life or understand it. It requires discipline , focus , persistance, and control.

the book covers lots of magick stuff. just not covertly.

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King Solomon of the Goetic Demons, and one of the wealthiest people of all time comes to mind.