RHP Spiritual cleansing and LHP

I was getting my palm and cards read and the reader suggested spiritual cleaning. Being LHP, is there any harm in having this performed without knowing if the person is RHP or LHP? Could this open me to influences that I might consider negative, though they are thought positive in the mainstream?

In my opinion, no. A spiritual cleansing is basically just setting you back to a neutral state. It doesn’t beholden you to any specific entities or currents, even if they do it in the name of the Christian god. Positive energy is positive energy as long as their intention is to only remove the bad stuff, not convert you to their faith.

If you’re really worried, you can always just do a cleansing for yourself. There is information here on the forum for how to do a cleaning bath with herbs and oils, for example.


Be careful if the palm and card reader states that they are the only one who really know how to do that cleansing.
They’ll probably only cleanse you of your money.


If you’re a serious or at least decent practitioner, a lot of this comes down to what you accept and allow and YOUR intention when receiving such a cleansing.

Myself, I utilize various ASMR reiki, cleansing, banishing, and negativity removal videos on YouTube.

It’s also important to consider that unless they make a specific effort otherwise, they’re likely removing what actually sits negatively in your energy or effects you detrimentally.

A lot of this works on a permission basis.

So if you have well aligned energies that youve assimilated into your system, or ibtegrated there should be no reason for those energies to be selected for removal as they aren’t at odds with your well-being.



I don’t really like other people cleansing me or my space. I don’t care how saintly or how much of an enlightened guru you (think you) are, there’s always some unfiltered energy from some unresolved issue or something that doesn’t compute with energy.

You don’t have to make it very complex as well. I’ve only practiced the occult seriously for little over two years, but as a practioner of black magick and various forms of traditional(-ish) witchcraft. I’ve discovered that I can handle or shake off any type of energy, however sludgy, stagnant or icky as long as I am balanced and happy or even just content.

Moral of the story is. Don’t rely on others to cleanse and banish for you. If you’re a serious occultist the first thing you should learn is to be responsible for your own spiritual hygiene.
It doesn’t matter what technique you use as well. There really isn’t that much difference between RHP and LHP, apart from the personal philosophy on how to go about your spiritual evolution.

[edit] The only thing that is important is finding methods that suit your needs


I agree with the above, and I would add, there’s a lot of good learning, not least about yourself, of you don’t do it yourself. Under the tenet “know thyself:”, I’d say there’s more mileage in doing your own work.

That part. Beware the gatekeepers, they keep you broke, busted, and disgusted and blame you for the scams they run on you.

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Would there be a possibility of sharing them?

Sharing what?

So, I ended up getting the cleansing. It involves those 3 foot candles that you see in churches. I assume they need to burn down to nothing. It’s been about three weeks. The reader keeps having me come in to check in and see how things are working. She said it should take a couple of months for the full working.

I have been more positive with more energy and motivation.

How long should something like this normally take? I don’t mind keeping checking in for a little bit, but it’s getting to be where it’s stressful having to go there every week and call in a couple times a week. I want this to be helpful in the end, but I don’t want to be doing this endlessly.