So I do protections almost daily to protect my energy but my life still seems to be hellish. People constantly bully me & it’s hellish in my head. What is the best form of protection? I’m tired of dealing with the gaslighters. My home life is also chaotic. Never ending cycle…

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I would suggest you to evoke entities to punish the bullies and then summon Lucifer or Azazel and make a pact to improve your life by destroying it. Such an act in a desperate situation is one of the best things possible.


How do I go about invoking these entities? I never worked with them before?

Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide - New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God

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Sometimes the problem isn’t the baddies on the outside but the monsters within. If feel as if you’re dealing with residue energy especially if you don’t cleanse daily.

I can dm you a technique Hel thaught me. I can also recommend calling Narasimha if it’s too intense.

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Liber Null says something about the best defense being a swift offense.