Revenge on perverts ( only astral spells)

I do not know why but Jesus always brings out those hide secrets , or do bad stuff behind your back. ( I find way to channel with him, my intention was reveal my ex fiance secrets)

So 1 month later i found his secret twitter account and he turned out to be a swinger, ( you know what i mean)

I only work on astral realms and vampirisim, i have been sending him some astral vampire bodies to give him destruction, but i have no connect with him.

İ usually remote watch his place, it is easier when you know to place

So lets discuss on what to do, o would like to hear your advises.

My first method is to find him on his place and feed on his sacral chackra , i also created a servitor to feed on the energy of the house, he has done to me unjustice so he worship his money i would like him to lose his money, so as i am feeding on him i am cursing him with being poor etc

İf anyone has good results i would like to hear your revenge methods

I don’t really understand this post… are you talking about a human named “Jesus” or the historical religious icon?

The historical figure Yeshua the Nazorean aka “Jesus” has been dead a couple thousand years right… so he doesn’t HAVE a sacral chakra, since that’s a thing that’s for the living. he certainly isn’t posting on Twitter, but if you only work in the astral why are you talking about social media? :thinking:

About what? It sounds like you brought all this on yourself… You can stop talking to an anyone that you don’t like at any time. Don’t dick with him and there’s no reason for him to bother you. If necessary bind this entity away from you and forget it.

Is it possible to poison or disrupt your ex-fiance’s chakra’s by that method as well?
Otherwise that might be a fun experiment. Feeding on and poisoning and in doing so disrupting his lower 3 perhaps? It might do weird stuff to the ability to ground themselves, the sex drive and their self esteem. I think it might be entertaining to see what happens.

Hi! It’s my understanding that from the original post, they are talking about their ex fiancé having a Twitter account where he was a “swinger”. The poster has channeled Yeshua and found the secrets their fiancé was hiding from them. And now they’re asking if anyone has any methods for astral workings to create their idea of “justice” towards their ex fiancé for being unfaithful


Ah I see! Thank you so much that makes sense.

Ah well I’ll back out: I’m all Aquarian, if I’m mad at someone that last thing I want to do is think about them or have any kind of energetic contact with them at all, I might death curse them just to get them completely gone from my life and mind, but I’m walking away, so I can’t relate.


I also don’t understand this post. Are you wanting Jesus to punish him for you? Say Psalm 3 and then pray to Jesus over a black candle. If you want to destroy him with Vampirism for cheating on you, that’s fine too.

Personally I find a lot of moralising going on. If this is your goal who are we to say whether it’s right or wrong. Nevertheless I suspect a lot of posters are looking at justification for what you want to achieve which is not what this forum is about

Bune and Clauneck deal in money matters normally they are summoned to bring money too someone but it is likely the reverse is also true.

Draining someone’s chakra is not the most effective way to deal with someone. I don’t use this form of magic but I understand the chakra automatically replenishes energy via sleeping/eating etc. the target may get a small illness like cold or flu but nothing major. You could perhaps summon Marbas if you need assistance to give him a life threatening disease

I appreciate that not all of these are astral solutions


@LvxMferre I actually understand that, but I’m addressing the people who do use that quote to excuse their own ludicrous behavior, then get angry at others for doing the same. The hypocrisy of it.

I’m aware of the real thing:
“Do what thou wilt shall be whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will.” The truest will being of the high self.

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From what I could understand, by this brief description, the op may be seeking revenge for some infidelity during the relationship, since it mentions a “secret account”, and only after the end became aware of it.

Anyway, these are just my assumptions. It’s best to wait for the op answers.

And honestly, if it were that, I would certainly take revenge on the bastard, attack him where it hurts the most: his sexual routine.
Using psychic vampirism is a good idea and depending on the degree of your hatred can even send various parasites to feed on this debauchery and thus make your health, both sexual and in general, decay so much that it makes he go crazy or go int depression.

Perhaps my answer it is vague, or pointless, but it is because I would not use these methods. I think it would be best for me to use some spirits for this purpose.
But maybe other people have better ideas than me.

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Guys if you don’t like the post’s premise you may move on, playing Captain Obvious with the moralizing is a dilution the topic and against the rules and you know better.

BALG is not social media, it’s for discussions sharing techniques and experiences not just any old opinion, and discussion of baneful techniques is 100% allowed, without censure.

The OP breaks no rules and stands, post is cleaned up.

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