Revelation from Thaumiel / Lucifer

I have began praying to Lucifer among other spirits to begin the path. I have experience in Thelema, chaos magick, Norse paganism and now that I have grown some balls, here we are. I am making a transfer to demonolatry / Black magick as Norse paganism has too much fluff for me and no real formal path to walk other than right handed virtues and communal worship, and I’m a solitary witch.

Since then, it’s only been three weeks of offerings and prayer to Lucifer, I have had quick revelations, Lucifer shedding light on things in my life.

One revelation yesterday was that humans are dogged by their ignorance, unknowing that all around them and in them are spiritual powers and connection which could of course lead to real power and freedom. It was incredible, sharp, exciting.

At night I then had a dream as if my mind was a computer screen and I was on some website or PDF concerning the divine / demonic. The information was heavy. At the bottom of the paragraph was a list of highlighted in different colors, the names of the qliphoth.

The biggest thing about the dream was Thaumiel.

Upon waking up, I read about Thaumiel and it corresponded directly to my revelation provided about our Will and potential.

I’ve not received such clarity in mind in magick until praying to Lucifer and I know now I have made the right choice.

I’m glad that I took 5 years to make my way to the dark side, because I was a different person when I began this whole effort, and I know a lot more about myself now and what to watch out for in relation to pitfalls and self inflicted issues.

Just wanted to share my experience, if you have any insights or advice from this point, if I am supposed to begin Qliphothic pathworking, please drop a line with your recommended literature and what not


the point of how you should proceed from this is entirely up to your own will. That is what a luciferian, a person wop works with lucifer directly would do or he would opey lucifer. Taking into consideration your statement that there are possibilities around us which could lead to real power and gain, use this. and use the qlippoth and all magick as is best and most desirable for you.

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What you got, is a really good lead. You should follow the path before you. Learning about the spiritual power of all, was the first step. Freeing ourselves should be our goal. Continue the good work!

Thanks all.

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This is required of everyone.

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For the full experience, self-Initiation yourself through Thaumiel sphere.

That’s what I have to do then, do you have a recommendation for a book on this magick?

I will buy Tree of Qliphoth by asenath mason and nightside of Eden …

Of course, can you send me PM? I recommend all Asenath Mason books.

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