Return my child to me

My child’s mother is maliciously retaining him in a foreign country in order to alienate him from me. Legal proceedings are ongoing, but, as in all legal matters, she has many ways to delay things. The pandemic doesn’t help.

Does anybody have recommendations for work that could help with this situation? I need to get them back to my country. It looks like the next few years are going to be a constant battle. She is not a good person and has serious mental health issues. I have seen her treat him with cruelty and I worry about how he will turn out without me. I have already cursed her, fuelled by extreme anger.

Any divination about the situation would also be welcome. All I want is a chance to be a good father, but she wants to erase me from his life.


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Belial has been helpful to people in custody battles before on here:

Thanks. I have already evoked him and am considering working with him further.

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I feel you, me and my dad went through a similar thing and things didn’t go well. My abusive mother lives in the same state as me, only she’s over 300 miles away. She’s managed to completely alienate and brainwash my siblings. Both are younger than me. My little sister has falsely accused me and my dad of doing some really nasty things to each other and she’s accused me of doing things to her, children’s services also accused my dad of doing things to me and my siblings. My little sister was 11-12 at the time, old enough to know better than to make such false and severe accusations and she was taught that this was unacceptable behavior. She knew that it was unacceptable and she did it anyway. She is 14 now.The outcome of the accusation of what I supposedly did to her was unable to be determined and the outcome of the accusations of what was supposedly going on between me and my dad and children’s services accusations were founded.

This was all despite me and my dad telling them repeatedly that none of these accusations were true at all, and they have no proof that we are guilty and I swore to every god, goddess, angel, and demon in all of existence, as well as the bible that me and my dad were telling the truth, only the 100% absolute truth.

My siblings and I are no longer allowed any form of interactions, I disowned my little sister, am considering disowning my little brother, and I completely cut all contact with them and told my mother that I want no contact of any form with her or my younger siblings until the youngest is 18. I also told her to stop sending me mail because she is only trying to bribe me with worthless gifts.

My dad got so depressed that he tried to commit suicide by cop because he couldn’t allow himself to die by his own hand and he didn’t want me finding his body, he thought they would break his neck because the local police unlawfully already broke his neck many years ago, he was innocent. How my dad was trying to get the cops to kill him was he crossed state lines with my adhd medication Adderall. My dad was never intending to do anything, he knew the “minors” were undercover agents because no teen girl in their right mind would ever wear a dinosaur tee shirt. He told her that he wasn’t interested, but she continued to press until he unwillingly gave in because he saw it as an opportunity to die. He just hoped they would kill him by breaking his neck, on accident or on purpose. He is in prison now, he will be for 5 years, or less for good behavior, classes and counseling. My dad has needed counseling ever since a man raped him when he was twelve, but he refused to listen and get help. Now he is finally able to get help.

The judge that oversaw my dad’s custody case used to be a DA at the time my dad’s neck was broke unlawfully during a drug bust, my dad was proven innocent and consequently the DA had to release 6 others who had been arrested. The DA wanted revenge and when he became judge, he was willing to sacrifice me and my siblings to get it. My dad fought with my mother for custody of me and my siblings since 2009. He stopped in 2018 because of the accusations and we gave up. In 2015, my dad was granted permanent custody of me, and I was granted full rights to deny any contact with my mother at all if I wanted to. My dad’s loving parents now have permanent custody of me, my mother will never have it and I turn 18 at the end of this year.

The judge who oversaw the custody case, my abusive mother, children’s services, those damned undercover cops, all of them, destroyed everything, including my dad, and took my dad away from me. I have lived with my dad for eight years, I was 8 years old when my mother gave me and only me back to my dad. Everyone who knows my dad knows that he would never hurt a child and would sacrifice himself for a child in a heartbeat, no hesitation, they knew that this wasn’t normal for my dad and they wrote letters to the judge saying this wasn’t like him.

I have severe separation anxiety, I can barely stand going a month without my dad around. He’s been in prison for eight months now, they daily phone calls he makes don’t help. There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain how much the distance is killing me.

My mother, children’s services, and my siblings have stabbed me in the back more times than I can count. God was never there for me, if he really cared like my grandmother believes, he would have never allowed this to happen.

I had to stop writing this several times because I was on the verge of tears. I actually broke down and started crying and I can barely type because of the tears. This is like trying to breathe without lungs only a thousand times worse. I would rather be brutally tortured because that is easier to withstand than this intense emotional pain.

I don’t even think there is anything that even Belial can do to help. And my mother deserves much, much, much worse than a slow and painful death. I gave up on my mother years ago and now I have given up on my younger siblings.

The lengths some people will go to to get what they want disgusts me and sacrificing children to do it invokes an indescribable rage in me.

I hope you succeed where my father and many other fathers like you and him have failed.


King Belial, King Paimon, Eligos and Lucifer


Elaborate, please. Do you have experience with this?

I am sorry you went through all that.

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Yes. I got into a credit card scamming thing and to make a long story short. I asked King Paimon, King Belial and Lucifer to keep me from getting in trouble. My story had an endless amount of holes and the banker was pointing them out to me and he previously told me he had to call the cops on a guy the previous week for something similar.

I also asked King Paimon and Belial to keep me out of trouble for my entire school year, and no matter what I did… I NEVER got in trouble.

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Very interesting. Did you evoke, or what method did you use to petition them?

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I opened their sigils and just asked for help. Sometimes I believe they spoke to me and other times I just opened the sigil and put it out there. It also might help if you can give an offering.

Agares is able to return people who have left your home. Maybe consider them.

Enn: Rean ganen ayer da Agares

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I am genuinely surprised that this alone isn’t enough to remove her custody of the child and pass it to you.

This world is filled with wonders , ain’t it.

It might in the future, but I have to get her back in my country first. Then there is the issue of proving what I know to be true.

Some mental illnesses are insidious in that they allow a person to show a perfect face to the public while perpetrating terrible cruelty in private.

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That is a good idea. Thanks.

Most of the times ,in court cases where the parent’s sanity is in question ,there usually is a thorough investigation going on in the shadows. It’s not a joke. Although, yeah , the fact that they’re in another country isn’t helping at all.

This is something that could happen down the line.

It’s in the past now, it is what it is and there’s nothing I can do to go back and change what happened and I doubt it’s possible to do anything about it now. You still have a chance though, keep fighting until you can no longer fight. Those of us who have been in this fight and fought to the end can say that out of everything, even when shit hit the fan, they fought for their kids as hard as they could for as long as they could and the gods, demons, and angels know that is the truth.

When a parent fights for their children, they will do anything to ensure their safety. And nothing, absolutely nothing, will save you from their wrath if you harm their child. I truly believe that those who abuse children are tortured by the demons of hell for all of eternity, there is a special place in hell for these abusers, and it isn’t their sanctuary but their prison. Children who are innocent don’t deserve to be abused by their parents, or anyone for that matter. Children don’t ask to be born, their parents made the choice, the lifelong commitment to raise a child the second it was born, and if they are unwilling or incapable of meeting the requirements of raising a child with love, than they need to give up the child to a family who is able to, or don’t have children.


When you get your children back, do something to make sure she never gets them back no matter what

My mother had the audacity to try and set up a visit in person with my younger siblings with her over the phone the other day (7/25/2020). My grandpa was the one who answered the phone and told her no. I told him to call the cops for trespassing if she shows up
I told her in a letter 6 months ago she and my siblings aren’t welcome until my little sister is 21 and my little brother is 18
I’m so mad I’m shaking.
She’s planning something and it most likely will be something to do with the local courthouse, we’ll know this Monday. It’s her pattern. Predictable shitty excuse of a human being.

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Ok zo basically u need a restrain order from mom,? Get revenge in da.? Free u dad of troubles,? I dnt get u post sorry i read twice. And u looking for a solution to get free of court cases,?

@zorrito yes, that would all be very helpful.