Retrograde - can i still do spells at this time?

So i know we are coming upto retrograde again but can i still carry out successful spells during this time?

Just food for thought. The Flower Moon is coming up this month. Wonderful time to plant new ideas and energies for yourself in said spells/rituals.

You can take advantage of previous energies that are around this moon in May with Spring is a time of fertility.


If a spell needs done, then do it. I don’t let something I’ve never needed stop me from casting, whether it’s a planet, a season, or the Moon. Otherwise, very little would get done.


@Sapphire10 I’m in complete agreement with @anon39079500. Do not allow any tides, seasons, movements of the stars to dictate when you can and can’t work the magic you want to do.

Yes the planets and thier placements and movements do matter abd it’s nice when we can work in harmony with those energies but there are plenty of times when a sense of urgency towards the working makes that impossible.

Do what you need to do and don’t worry about it. It’s not going to make or break your magick.


Yes, agreed. Nice to have, rather than necessary.

If I felt like I needed some extra oomph and it can wait, sure.


I feel i need to boost a spell i did 7 weeks ago because i felt it started to work and its fizzled again

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The retrograde is an optical illusion anyway, it’s doesn’t physically change anything energetically.

The cosmic rays reaching Earth vary from KP 0 to 5 and more regularly, having a much larger effect energetically, with peer reviewed papers showing those include causing confusion and heart issues, and nobody in magickal circles notices enough to go “oh it’s kp4 today no wonder I’m a bit off kilter”.

The retrograde does literally nothing and people claim all sorts for it: it’s psychosomatic nonsense, if you ask me :woman_shrugging:

Honestly, do whatever magick you like, when you like, it only makes a difference when that is if you intend it to.


A whole 7 weeks?

Learn some patience and let it work.


It seems it worked the opposite with target ignoring me completly and being offline more than usual

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Right, with the basics down and practiced, it is a boost. Or I would’ve failed, as would’ve anyone not ceremonial, which doesn’t make sense.

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…maybe he’s just busy, or he doesn’t want to be bothered with social media. :woman_shrugging:t5:

While it can be unsettling, it doesn’t mean your spell didn’t work. Life happens, people get busy.

Get some divination done to see what’s going on with him…


Yes he could be

Also wondering if he does feel the effects now and thats why hes so distant because he does not know how to deal with the feelings

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Yes you can. Pluto retrogrades are famous for miscommunication, disruption, abrupt endings and new beginnings. Great time to amplify you work; sow discord, cause feuds, etc. Enjoy it through the end of October.

That’s also a good possibility as well @Sapphire10, sometimes the target will fight the work being done. To fully know though, I stand by my suggestion of doing divination.


Specially if it’s about communication with a target, getting them to miss you/feel something for you… I would top up any Magickal work with remote influence. You could use Keteriya’s tutorial on how to implant thoughts, it worked great for me in the past for a similar purpose.

Yes, you can still do magick while Mercury is Retrograde. 5 of the 7 traditional planets go retrograde, and each of the planets govern particular areas of life. Now, retrograde is traditionally a minor afflicted, it is still an affliction and not ideal, but it does not compare to being afflicted by Fall or by Detriment, yet new agers don’t “feel” when Mercury is in his Detriment or Fall, now do they?

If you perform magick for business, or communication, then doing this while Mercury is retrograde will weaken the magick and delay the outcome. But, Mercury is not the only planet that is to be considered, there are many other factors present at any given time, such as the planetary day and hour, the phase of the moon and the sign she is and the aspects she makes and the house she is in, and then the lords of the appropriate houses, and so on.

With that said, timing magick by astology can be beneficial, as performing magick when everything is extremely ill for the magick performed, then the outcome will only arrive after great pains and suffering, and great delays, particularly if the spirit called on is of an especially violent nature. But, it is rare that magick is performed under such inauspicious times without specifically choosing them. So, I don’t generally go too complex for timing my magickal rituals or prayers, except for in the creation of astrological talismans, in which case it is necessary.

If a case is urgent, I simply time by an appropriate planetary hour, and repeat the ritual to strengthen it, and this can work wonderfully by itself.

But, it can be looked like this: When you plant a seed (and I am speaking literally here) under a very Astrologically auspicious time, the seed will germinate if it is possible to germinate, and the planet will grow to be wonderful, healthful, growing quickly, without trouble, and producing a wonderful harvest. But, when it is planted while under a very inauspicious time, it will struggle, face many challenges and struggle much, quickly decay, and die very quickly, if the seed even germinates at all. And this I have seen plenty of times.

It is the same for any action that can possibly be done, and magick is no exception.


I think its really backfired to be fair.
We were in contact even once a week before the spell and now im regretting it as hes just ignoring me all the time now like he doesnt wanna talk to me ever again when i have done nothing wrong