Ret rid of dad bod

Any demon or spell that can remove dad bod?

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The demons known as Exercise and Diet.


Is it the same category of health?

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No. How your body looks is merely cosmetic. You could have a body that looks like a statue of a Greek god and still be massively unhealthy. Many bodybuilders die of heart attacks, for example. You can also have a “dad bod” and be the healthiest thing around. Appearance does not necessarily denote health.

That being said, there are some health indicators that can be read in how you look. A yellow tinge to the whites of your eyes or to your skin tone can be signs of liver problems, for example.

If you want to improve your health and fitness, I recommend working with Sartmulu, a spirit of Mars.


The most diabolical of all!




Funny I actual read your comment wrong. I read it as “demons of exercise and diet”. I had Belial giving me willpower to follow my fitness program. I just seek extra. Demons or spirits that can alter some appearance.


You could work with someone like Marbas, who teaches shapeshifting. Honestly, though, just visualize how you want to look as you work out. Push your will into your muscles. Your outer body will conform to your inner picture of it. You don’t need spirits for everything.


If you live a relatively active life you won’t need all that much exercise, it would then be more to do with diet, as in, what is it that your body finds hard to get rid of, what is it in the meals you eat that your body is not making full use of, not properly digesting and pushing out the back door that then has to be stored somewhere on your body.

Eat real proper fats = satiation, energy, health, agility, strength, muscle definition, envious glances from others who have a dad bod.

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With all respect I do not looking for advice on diet and exercise. This is purely a question on magick.

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Then you are missing the point from 9 out of the 10 replies.

I also had a dad bod until I seriously looked at the food I was eating and changed. No dad bod now and I never stepped foot in a gym. Just the magickal decision to force change and the body fat dissolved and muscle definition took its place.

Just do this:

That’s all the magick you need for this.


as an amateur bber my choice of spirit when cutting is Belial.
But sure you have to put the work.
Its not that hard to simply loose weight.track your calories and eat less than your maintanance.

I was looking for alternative ways to get rid of the dad bod without changing my diet.

Banish it.

You can’t… No magick can do this, because the bad diet poisons you and blocks your energy, poor energy means poor mind and heart energy, which leads to poor magick… you are just sabotaging your own efforts.

Or put it this way: you are cursing yourself to have dad bod every day you eat shitty food and fail to move your body.

Maybe try an unhexing and spiritual cleansing every day, like the LBRP, both morning and night, for a month, and see if your relationship with your body and food improve.


I think the first thing to do is to identify the contributing factors and then determine what kind of workings would be best suited to targeting those. I know you don’t want dieting or exercise advice, but just to use those as an example, if either of those areas needed more work you could certainly create a servitor for the relevant behavioural change.
Jareth Tempest has a 33 day ritual with genius spirits (based on the structure of Brand’s master protection ritual) aimed at body fat reduction. But its primarily focussed on behavioural change as the above. Its on his patreon if you are inclined to try it.

If the issue is due to the thyroid being mischievous, then let me know if you could find a magickal solution for that one because I’ve been trying for a long time :slight_smile:

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I don’t like the terms of their pacts…


They can be hard task masters for sure.


For a minute I thought you were asking about hiding a body lol


Adopt carnivore diet for at least 3-4 month and you will get better.

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