Results from working with Sallos

Soooo I have recently paid a magician :tophat: to summon Sallos and ask that he bring me long term love. I will be posting whatever happens in the future regarding the results on here (:


Is is a general love or did you target someone specific?

I ask, because I think you chances of success are greater if you asked for Sallos to bring a lover, rather than someone specific.


It isn’t someone specific no. I only asked that she have certain appearance characteristics ( not from a specific race, has a certain body type ), and that she be someone who is faithful. I figured that shouldn’t be too demanding lol


In my opinion, that’s the way to go as there is no target to fight against the spell, so I will be interested in your results.


Yeah thanks. Lol. The only thing I’m having a hard time with is forgetting about it. I heard me thinking about it gets in way so I’ll be trying to occupy my mind elsewhere.

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You don’t have to forget about it, just don’t dwell on it. When it comes into your head, just smile and think to yourself, “won’t that be great?” and then get on with your day.


Quite Interesting. Did you pay Morino?

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NO BUT I LOVE THAT GUY’s videos! I was about to but my money situation won’t allow for his prices. I actually contacted a lady who offers far lower prices to do it for me.

Oh my.

Wow Congrats man. Hope she is the woman for you!

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Do you mind me asking who the lady was you paid?

Yeah her name is Lucifera. Her YouTube channel is GoVirtual . Just type in “GoVirtual demon” or something and she should pop up. She has a Facebook, website and email you can contact her from. Her prices are VERY affordable and so far, She seems pretty legit

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Ooops I think I forgot to mention you lol

Have you seen any results? How long has it been?

Well the spell started on Wendsday. The Tarot Divination was VERY accurate. The Summoning to get beauty help from Hagith is still in progress obviously. I must say though I’ve had a lot of random urges / spikes to workout since and I’ve been almost obsessed with my appearance lately ( as far as changing it. Some are flaws that I just now noticed were a problem ).

The Sallos one I’m not sure on… but then again, It’s only been a few days and For the description of the type of woman I asked for, I need to first get in a setting where she could be found so I assume all will fall into place once I leave the facility I’m at.


Dangit, I keep forgetting to tag you

Lol I got it thank you

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How is it going?

It’s going pretty well

I tried contacting the lady you gave me said she couldn’t do anything til next month but it was weird like she really didn’t want to take me case