Restoring Balance

Over the past few months I went off the right path for me and now I decided to go back onto it.

However now I am feeling the negative energy build up. It seems like I’m struggling with a lack of Balance. (I’m still confused as to whether this is the Dark Night of the Soul or not). Overall I’ve become paranoid and depressed and even Dark in not a good way.

Any clue as how to let in more positive energies and balance all this out? I’m curious as to whether Music can help in this area or whether I should ground…

Thanks in advance :heart:


What about working with Harmonia (Ἁρμονια) from the greek pantheon, neither left nor right path, goddess of harmony and concord, to help you out?


I should look more into this, but just for a quick answer (not sure if it’ll work or not):

  1. Try a spirit that may help you with that kind of dark energy or balance.
  2. Inner banishing always works for me, making unwanted dark energies within you leave, or even turn them into positive energies. The stronger the banishing, the better the results. King Paimon may have something for you.
  3. An outter banishing is always welcomed too…not sure if it’ll do anything, but it’s not a bad idea.
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Yes I now work exclusively with Pagan Gods so it would be a good idea🌹


The main Spirit that’s popping into my mind is Goddess Danu and Goddess Kali has being popping up too a lot🤔

How could I do an inner Banishing?


I’ve seen your post about goddess Danu and even though I haven’t worked with here, she seems really fine. Well, that’s for another post though…

King Paimon can help you too with cleansing I believe (Lucifer and Thoth too, the are really good healers).
As for an inner banishing, King Paimon has taught me some, I could make a post about it, if you want to.

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I’ve decided to stop working with Demons after a really sour encounter. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE King Paimon and still feel connected to him but I can’t bring myself right now to work with Demons (Who I still consider are Pagan Gods). I’d also love to work with Thoth and I have been working with Lucifer by his mask of King Enki.

Sure I’d love to see this post!! Thank you❤️

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I mean, Thoth isn’t a demon, so I guess you can summon him. He was actually the last king of Atlantis and a human, like us. He went to the halls of Amenti and left this world. So, it’s okay to summon him.

I understand what you’re saying, so I guess the inner banishing will probably be something that can help you. I’ll make sure to make that post today and I’ll link it here.


Thank you so much :heart:

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Use purifying meditation. Every time some nasty entity is forced to leave U, you will feel a rush of energy in your body with a deep sense of freshness.

And at spare time do something fun.


Also there is some intense nausea going on…

How do I perform this meditation?

There is 10 day Vipassana course of S. N Goenka in almost every major city. U can contact them. It’s completely free and the food is great.

Otherwise U can learn the short version of it, Anapanasati from the internet and start doing it.

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Sure I will start with this thank you❤️

So, here’s the post, as promised: Inner Banishing Method (Easy but Powerful)

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Thank you❤️

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I hope you don’t mind sharing this post. I watch a to of reiki videos that help me greatly.