Responsible Hex

how would on go about hexxing someone but without it going to the practitioner? a way that you can protect yourself very very well. any book recommendations?

what types of protection does it really require?
i have books on reversing hex, protection (shield, amulet, talisman, spell jar), hexing someone. is that all i need on protection or should it be a bigger force like warding?

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Are you saying that every curse performed automatically hurts the sender? Cause the rule of 3 is more of a scare tactic than an absolute truth.

Cursing someone is like throwing a punch, only do it if you are ready for that person to fight back.


I assume you mean backlash, which is when a curse rebounds off a targets protections and shields, sometime back to the operator, and sometimes on to family, pets, friends or neighbours.

It’s a good idea to do a divination before cursing to see what method would be effective and if they have protections in place. When you know what the landscape is, as it were, then you can adapt to the situation.

Having your own protections in place is good as a rule of thumb anyway. Doing magick can attract interest from astral entities and not all are friendly.

Some people will not just defend, they will notice your attack and retaliate. It’s not a good idea to start a witch war if you can help it.

Shields are a type of personal ward. Shield your house or your bed or your altar etc., and you have a ward. It can’t hurt and could be worth the effort, so I would recommend this as standard practice.


Are you trying to curse someone and concerned about a counter-attack? If they never know that there was an attack, then they will never think to counter-attack.

Occult magick mind wars are not something that I would generally suggest getting yourself into. If you do, then I would just keep in mind that in war, there are always casualties. If you have no casualties, then that was not a war.

I’ve seen what baneful magick can do to people. I have complete apathy towards all of my past enemies, but that doesn’t seem to always apply to both parties. I have seen how much damage, of many varieties, can be caused by a dedicated practitioner of baneful magick.

But why, why would I do that when I could be making money, enjoying peace, love, and friendship, and bettering myself? I suppose some enemies we did not ask to have, yet we have them all the same, and I would never deny a student of magick the knowledge of what can be achieved. Some people will never stop attacking you unless you force them to stop. You can always run away and avoid the conflict, which is not a bad or cowardly thing to do, but often the wise decision, as there is no glory in warmongering, and every baneful ritual you perform is a money, love, wisdom, or peace ritual which you did not. But I would just ask yourself - what matters to you, and what price are you willing to pay?

Feeling a bit angsty, looking to blow off some steam cause you really got fucking nothing else better to do? Maybe don’t pick the one deeply knowledgeable and skilled with fighting arts.

I believe that the wise warrior spends more time in the calm of meditation, than in the fury of battle. Meditation makes one more effective, on the offense and the defense.

Ohh yes, it’s all fun and games taking pot shots at the ones who can do nothing. Perhaps just manage your expectations on what may happen if the target is able to shoot back, and not only that, but is aggressive, bold, and far more experienced in these matters than you could ever possibly know.

Would I rather take up magickal arms, or crank the handle on the magickal money machine? I’d rather make money. I can satiate my desires through games of my choice, and I have little time for bullshit nonsense.

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