Request to Prince Sitri

Do you think I could ask Prince Sitri for the friendship of women and a companion to help me improve my financial condition?
Thanks for any answers and advice.


Sitri is more about attraction, seduction, and sexual lust.

Gusion can help you sense potential for relationships (Vuall does this too) and nurture them
Foras can make you more fascinating and helpyou understand people

For finance it’s not really an area he likes to work in, Bune/Bime, Clauneck and others are more popular for that.


I agree if you are okay with their being attraction or some lust involved itll work, I have a female friend, we just talked last night but I called her baby girl and we talked about what we want from an intimate relationship but I’m holding her at bay.

Sitri helped me with a lustful aura and with that aura Ive been able to work the lust to my advantage.

For finances I suggest Clauneck I actually suggest a full overhaul of your finances so I recommend a full dedicated working like Wealth Magick by Damon brand rather than one money petition to bune.

Clauneck is good though, you still have to do the work but he will give you information that is very valuable for wealth creation.


I was thinking of asking Sitri, in addition to increasing my sexual aura and more experiences in that field, also a partner with whom to share his devotion and a path of common life. What do you think?
Thanks for any suggestions; also by other forumists interested in the topic.

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Sounds like a plan!
If you have your basic protections and grounding in place, you should be all set to try the evocation. :smiley:

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Sounds like a plan I recommend you break it up into separate rituals.

One ritual for a lustful aura with Sitri

A ritual for money/business with Clauneck.

I’m going to say this again, if you want a complete overall of your finances and to change the focus of your life to wealth I recommend Wealth magick by Damon brand.

If you’re serious about money a 6 month working is going to go a lot further than 1 petition or evocation.

When we do magick we make a pact with reality for a new reality we desire, putting in 6 months of wealth magick tells reality you demand change and are willing to put in the work to get it. Your desire is strong and you do the work required.

Obviously you’ll still have to read about business and study success but the magick will lead you to the proper books and people to get there. Same can be said about lust, if you desire to control people through lust you must study the experts in that field.

Luckily for you I’ve already done my research.

Recommend reading/resources

Wealth magick by Damon brand
The Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort
The Law of success by Napoleon Hill
Rosebud the American pimp
Pimpology by pimpin ken
The art of human chess by pimpin ken

Pimpology by pimpin ken: