Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

Prosperity opens. I have a partnership with a friend, so I think it would help him to be able to send my share every month.

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E I’m looking for the same thing and I’m thinking about asking the same spirits. how have you been doing?

I did the spell some days ago so I can’t give any updates as I have none.

Is there anyone willing to help me with healing for 21 year old coworker that had a major stroke yesteday morning?

Omg that’s awful young. I’ll do what I can. I’ll do a ritual for them asking for them to be better

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Thank you so so much.

Okay so here is the petition how it would be, "open the door of prosperity to maurio1 and the business he is sharing with his friends "

I guess that looks fine. I am doing it today because it’s Thursday on my country.

I will send the pictures later.

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I already started doing it, I will finish on Saturday that’s will be the end day. The setting is not beautiful at all but I hope the results will be.

Keep me updated for anything. I wish you good luck,
H. A. Adam

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Thank you very much! I have no words to thank you for what you did for me!

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It’s nothing big, just keep me updated if within a month there is some results or not, so I could know of my spells work or I need to practice much more.:love_you_gesture:


Just out of curiosity, was this request taken?

I’ve been out of the loop with this thread for some time now, and haven’t been able keep track

I wish for someone could please, ask for prosperity, abundance and laboral opportunities for me?. Ineed job…thanks


@Shamn I do bro. Please send some kundalini energy to me, I wish to open my third eye and quit my troat chakra blockage. Thanks.

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Can anyone here help with career/legal issues? My skill level is basically 0, and King Paimon didn’t seem to help, and I’m kinda desperate right now.


i would like a help of identifying a spirit who likes to work with me…

Please send me some love/healing or calming energy/support
I have to have a super scary conversation tomorrow and I’m all alone in this, and I’m scared…

  1. I’d like a scan on any threats around me
  2. I’d like a spell to assist me to astral project
  3. I’d like a spell to develop further my clairs (clairaudience)

sigil golem

Please, could all you guys charge it? Help to me, please

I will be doing some spells later today, I will phrase it like this, provide a job with good payment and better environment to @ChaoticRevenge33

I don’t give any promises of the results though, just trying out my spells.



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