Request Thread for Those Who Want to Practice Working for Others

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Glad I could help a little.


I just want to say how cool this seems! That’s all.

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I’ll trade you! I find I can’t read my own cards well, but I’m pretty good with other people.

thank you, I have been away for a bit and just saw this. I really appreciate it

Hey guys! I’m looking to get a specific job at a company called vizzia tech. The cards are showing that I will get it but, my interview was long (2 hours to be exact) and very tiresome and I’m not too confident. I asked king paimon and also clauneck to ensure that I will get the job as it is double the money I make now nearly and will give me independence I need overall. Can someone look into this to see if I will get the job ultimately? I really would really appreciate it.

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I would appreciate a free reading if the offers still up

Who wants to offer me an evaluation of energetic body as regards it’s weaknesses and strengths?

Can I please get my birthchart read? It would be much appreciated. I need to know what am I supposed to do. I feel weak and confused.

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Could anyone help (or offer advice) on how to get someone to contact me? I need them to make the first move, because I am blocked


I was in your shoes once. So hopefully this gives some insight. The target is now speaking with me again after 2 years they block me.

In my case the person also use magick unconsciously so I evoke Focalor to suppress their magick, naberius to restore reputation, Agares to have them think well of me, and Orias so they keep thinking to contact me. Other than that I also employ the messenger from the 40 servants.

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I know for a fact that this person of mine doesn’t use magick, so that is something.
I know about Agares, Orias…Will look up the 40 servants, cause I never heard about them.
But it took 2 years? yeah he won’t remember or love me anymore by that time. I need it faster

Have you tried this?

A powerful layered love spell

This is the one I tried and have been making notes about in my journal.

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Hi everyone. I am in a very dark place these last two months and my depression and suicidal thoughts have back back stronger than ever. I am asking anyone who can help me please please send me healing energy and good luck. I truly need it


Not yet, but I might as well, as well as keeping an online diary. I sort of need a place to speak about that stuff :slight_smile:

In my case it took 2 years but everyone is different. But I got what I want. I wasn’t chasing after the target per say. And even better is after contact was re-established, I found out lots of my workings in those 2 years manifested.

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Can anyone do ritual to make my sister conceive a baby soon. She is trying very hard but due age factor the chances are getting really low. She is in her late 30’s. Even IVF is having low success rate in her case. Please your help will be highly appreciated.

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The moderator directed me to this topic because maybe I can get help here.

Satanalash or maybe Sataanalash whats its that entity? I dream about this entity and his sigil. The sigil was too complicated for me to remember. Can someone of magican channeling sigil of this spirit and deliver little information about this entity?.
“He was always guidor to mankind”
It seems to me that it may be a spirit that can help many magicians.
If no one helps, that’s fine, but I think we can all benefit from it.

New here, done my intro but it’s urgent, hate to be like this but I need screening of my husband and it’s urgent. He has been missing all day. Could you please direct message me? You are the only community I can trust!

@Humana I pulled three cards for your situation from my Fallen Angel Oracle deck.

Card 1 is Gamigan - Confusion. This card represents the past and it tells me that being out of contact is unusual for your husband.

Card 2 is Bathin - Travel. This card indicates a journey, either a physical or a spiritual one.

Card 3 is Flauros - Restraint. This card represents the ability to rein in our impulses and to hold back for the sake of peace.

Together, the cards are telling me that your husband is in a place where he is unable to contact you. I don’t know if it’s because of phone issues or what, but he doesn’t seem to realize how worried you ae about him. I don’t get any sense that he’s hurt or anything though.