Request for spiritual mentor

Duke Sallos told me I should get a spiritual mentor to help with my ascent, specifically, one who knows what I would like to know. If anyone is willing to be my mentor, I would really appreciate the help from someone experienced. I know people have their lives to live too, so I’m not expecting you to work with me 24/7. Just little things like answering questions I may have about my abilities and progessing them and helping in meditation practice.

If you’d like to help, please don’t hesitate to reply or even pm me. I’d also take recommendations for mentors with experience who are more than happy to help.

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Hmm :thinking:… I don’t know of anyone on the forum that does this. But Im willing to answer any questions you have… Because I too was once searching for a mentor but was ignored.

All you need is already here, you just need to press ‘search’ that’s all. People in this forum are more than friendly and they will answer you , asking for more than that is too much in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes this is also true… @Destiny_McKoy
You must break out of your shell and simply become your own mentor in a way.
Researching as much information as you can and studying and practicing it as much as possible into your life. And if there’s something you cannot find simply make a post as you did now and people will help! :blush:

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You can also pay consultations with professionals around $ 130-150 per hour, you can do it here or on the BWC website, it’s also an option :wink:

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Sallos keeps telling me, “look deeper within yourself and that’s where you’ll find me.” “Love yourself.” “Focus on growth and not on the outcome.” “Time isn’t important when it comes to growth. Don’t worry about getting something within a time-frame.” etc. Finally he said to get a mentor, I guess to help me focus. It’s hard for me to let go of my desire and I guess I’m not going “deep enough” when I try to contact him. I’m moreorso looking for him, when I should be allowing him to come to me and I would really like some tips on what I’m doing wrong and how to make them right.

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Yes this is what I meant when I say become your own mentor… You have the power to accomplish great things we all do! You just have to believe in yourself… And I mean believe, because if you don’t no one will and this only creates blockages for you and your magik. Meditation is a good thing for you, because the more you become in unity with yourself and understand what/whom you truly are everything else will fall into place. I say this from experience!

Yes, dwelling on whether or not something is working or how long it takes, can effect you alot. You must forget about it and know and believe that it will work for you. That’s with everything you do! Until you believe in yourself and your power you will only get a taste of your true power.

I don’t think you need a mentor, as I said before.
But you do need guidance and this is what is provided here on the forum! It’s quite spectacular really.:relieved:
But if you have any questions just ask.

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The spirits that people work with on here can become mentors in their own way. They can tell you what they think you should do to help your ascent.

It sounds like Sallos doesn’t want you to have a “mentor” from other people but for you to get in tune with your higher self and for the two of you to work together…


To me, it sounds like Sallos was trying to tell you you only need to continue the work you’re doing and stop worrying about time and what others have achieved. You kept asking questions not getting his message, so he figured you might listen to someone else…

But if you can already communicate with Sallos, what makes you think you need to change anything in how you contact him?

I agree with what the others have said. I don’t think you need a mentor, and I think Sallos was trying to tell you this, but you have somehow convinced yourself you need a human to guide you. Seems like Sallos is just fine being your mentor if you just allow him to be. Listen to his guidance and stop doubting yourself.:smiley:


In previous posts, I did say that I had divination readings done. I didn’t think I had to repeat it, but yeah. Sorry about that. I know exactly what he wants to tell me through those readings. I make contact with him. He says everytime I’ve tried, he’s been there with me. I just can’t hear or see him though.

Ah okay, so at the moment, you yourself have no reliable way to communicate with him? How exactly is this other person reading you to get such clear communication?

So you’re going through a third party to talk?


So what have you been doing to make contact?

Don’t know exactly. Seems accurate enough. First time he did a reading for me, before he started, I asked if he needed any information from me. He said all he needed were questions to ask Sallos and he can focus himself on Sallos’ energy and anything he wanted to tell me.

I look at a fixed point and meditate on his sigil until I can see a glowing outline, then that usually means he’s here. I get headaches after I make contact with him, so I know for a fact he was with me. It’s just the communication itself that I’m struggling with. He can be with me, and I can feel him, but I can’t hear or see him. I also meditate to a recording of his enn before I go to sleep.

Have you tried writing down questions and seeing if any thought pops into your head?

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Yes spirits do not always speak to you in english… There are number of ways they can communicate with you, You just must be open to them all. @Destiny_McKoy

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