Request Dark Fetishes And Magick Talismans From E.A


As you know, we are doing everything in our power to provide you the most enjoyable, and satisfying experience we can.

We are totally committed to giving you exactly what you want, be it education and knowledge, physical objects, astral energy, moral support, and more.

Consequently, we have received several requests through our help desk asking if E.A. will ever make “personalized” items available, like charged talismans, and special ritual implements and adornments.

For example, one anonymous man is asking for a black dagger that E.A. has cut and bloodied his own hand with in the ritual evocation of a demon, so he can keep it on the front mantel of his private library of magick grimoires. He says he is a proud collector of “all things odd and unusual”.

Another example, we have a woman requesting several charged talismanic gems and stones that she can keep in her bag and under her pillow for protection from negative energy, as well as a small sexually-energetically-charged item to hide inside her bra or underwear when going on dates in order to arouse erotic feelings in the man she likes.

One more example, a magician is asking for E.A. to hand-draw all the sigils from The Book of Azazel in black ink containing traces of his own blood, to dramatically increase the success of her own pathworking.

We call these magick fetishes. And all are valid to us. We never ask why you want them, nor do we cast judgement.

The power of these rare handcrafted pieces resides in E.A. infusing his own potent astral energy deep inside them, charging them to fulfill any of your strongest desires. In essence, you are casting a magick spell, and he is providing the firepower.

(As a side note: not only will each item possess this intense magick value, each will possess serious economic-market value. On live auction sites like eBay, magicians have paid thousands of dollars for simply a hard cover talismanic edition of E.A.’s written works. I imagine a savvy collector could quickly make several hundred dollars flipping one of these rare, limited edition, collectors items. And possibly many thousands of dollars several years from now.)

All this being said, we are now going to commence the creation of several lots of magick fetishes, charged talismans, and ritual relics.

We are going to make most of them available inside the Become A Living God program catalog for a limited time, and the rest we are going to give away as free gifts to the lucky winners of our upcoming forum contests.

Here is where you come in…

*** Tell us what specific magick charms and dark fetishes you want from E.A. ***

Remember, he is a true master sorcerer. So be as bold and daring, or as simple and plain, as you like.

I will gather your requests, and he and I will review them to pick the best. Then we’ll announce the finalists, time estimates for the dates of creation, as well as contest details. So act now, because this opportunity is for a short time only.

We’re happy to help fulfill your self-deification.

Godlike Power,


How about an Elegua Head?


A talisman to wear at night to boost Astral travel success!

A Talisman (or ring or anything) to boost psionic power of influencing another.

^^^ in addition, How about a talisman to attract succubus/incubus spirits.

Idea 1: A talisman (such as a ring maybe?) that can kill someone or make them extremely ill within minutes simply by you saying a certain incantation while looking at the victim (being in the physical presence of the victim). This would be very satisfying.

Idea 2: Similar to the above, but to make any girl immediately notice you and to become attracted to you.

Anything that will aid me in raising corpses. I am at a standstill.

How’s about a talisman that can be used to capture/subdue entities? I would be very interested in something like that.

They never say guy, do they?

A bag of koettings hair or a vial of his blood. If koetting has the name, and sigil or enn of a powerful demon that can aid me in necromancy and attaining lichdom I would definitely buy that and a phylactery.

Yes, by shaving his head, he could sell hair patches in a pouch…draw blood like the blood plasma people do and sell in small containers to wear around the neck. etc. Sounds feasable to me…would be a good money maker.


I can’t imagine EA ever giving out his hair or blood to a bunch of random black magicians, since he does have enemies in the magical community who would love to use this against him in their own rituals. Isn’t that the reason he has stated that he will be cremated, so no one will be able to use his body against him?

If he dies I would use it to evoke his shade. I would personally not use it to harm him, I’m sure he could kick my ass magically and physically lol. I think he would be very careful of who he allowed to buy the item.

of course, but we were asked what we wanted…lol.

And I am considering leaving my skull with the rest of my body cremated, to a younger female that I work with in the occult world. She would appreciate me being there of sorts to discuss things with daily…smile. She is excited about having a skull of someone she knows rather than just anyone from the medical bone yard.


I don’t plan on dying anytime soon so no one will be getting my corpse.

How about a raw battery of power. A literal plug-and-play energy source to be use for any means. Perhaps some type of wooden or crystal cube with a simple inscription, capable of amping up the power of any endeavor.

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Like a witch engine… tactical magic by Seth talked about making one

EA could bound a particular spirit to a stone/vessel for me (like a djinn or an elemental) to help me with my endeavors.
And I do like the above idea that Timothy said another magician requested - asking for E.A. to hand-draw all the sigils from The Book of Azazel in black ink containing traces of his own blood, to dramatically increase the success of her own pathworking. I wouldn’t need ALL of the sigils hand-drawn. Just a few…

I knew that there have been a lot of people out for my blood, but y’all would be among them! :wink:

Really, though, these are great ideas!


[quote=“E.A., post:19, topic:287”]I knew that there have been a lot of people out for my blood, but y’all would be among them! :wink:

Really, though, these are great ideas![/quote]

Yeah and my opinion about that is going to make me very unpopular! I wouldn’t part with so much as a drop! You just never know who’s hands it’ll wind up in … :wink: Zoe