Repair damaged brain nerves?

any method to repair damaged nerves of brain ,help
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names mentioned in post are the most famous in fourm

I was given this technique by Raphael - it works for all healing, but I’ve specifically used it to repair nerve damage in my cat, and seen her stop or reduce having spasms and twitches caused by seisures when she was young (flea collar reaction).

Do this meditation:

  1. bring yourself to a calm state,
  2. breathe in energy from as far out in the universe s you can imagine, from beyond the stars, see it’s color as green…
  3. breathe out and form in fine of you a green image of yourself (for this, see the brain and network of nerves), at full health, in green, it may be glowing like an internet graphic, facing in the same direction you are, whole and completely well and fully functioning, every cell knows it’s a nerve cell and behaves as if it was just formed from the stem cell it came from…
  4. do this until the image is very clear in your mind, at least 5 times…
  5. when the image is clear, see it move to overlap your own body, see it thunk into place, replacing and updating your energy with the healthy energy. …
  6. sit quietly a few more moments watching the healthy energy be your own and know that in a few minutes and over the next few days this will manifest from the astral into reality.

Takes about 20 minutes to start taking effect, manifesting over a couple of days. Repeat as often as you feel or at least twice a week until you feel better. Works nicely on headaches too, in which case you only need to visualise that part of the head where the pain is. You can do this for yourself and others.


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I appreciate where you’re coming from, but it’s really not a bother for me, and I’d prefer it if you didn’t imply you are speaking for me. I’m perfectly capable of telling people not to bother me if I want to.
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I’ll leave this here anyway:


Don’t worry, I was really only speaking for myself.

I was just simply informing him that tagging a bunch of people every time you make a post is not the best way to be noticed.

And back onto the subject of the thread, @A.M.A there are numerous forms of healing magick available to the willing practitioner, from calling upon spirits, to energywork-based practices like reiki, to more druidic practices involving herbs and fungi. I’d use the search function for healing practices specifically to find what you’re looking for.

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thank you…great technique

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It’s moving from magick into science. There are studies now that show how the mind affects not just healing, but performance.

For example, athletes that visualised, in detail, doing well at a sport recorded performance improvements similarly to those that did physical practice - the visualisation actually helped form muscle memory. More in link below:


Read this first, it’s very optimistic about repairing brain damage:

Research whether the following are suitable, I am NOT medically qualified, just suggesting things you might want to research:

  • avoid eating vegetable oils, except coconut oil and olive oil
  • try to eat more eggs, and have plain, not processed, red meat twice a week unless there’s a reason you can’t (beef, pork or lamb, not bacon or ham though)
  • eat a diet with a moderately high amount of saturated animal fat IF it is safe for you (meaning, if you don’t have a medical condition that prevents this from being safe)
  • cut out sugar, by decreasing it over time or all at once, whichever fits your personality, and cut out all artificial sweeteners and flavourings like monosodium glutamate
  • try to eat less cereal-based foods if possible
  • try to eat 3 meals a day, not more, not less, evenly spaced, and have 1 or 2 helpings of green, orange, or red-coloured vegetables with at least 2 of them, around the size of your hand or slightly smaller.

These are things to research for their ability to reduce inflammation, and get rid of neurotoxins in your diet.


Archangel Raphael, go to him for healing


Well as a person who has all of his nervous system damaged badly I can only tell you to follow either method of invocation with Archangel Raphael, or a combination of medicine, healthy lifestyle, and magical techniques to ping it down. I myself am using the latter method and a combo of potions I create from a Daoist path of magic and a close relationship with Norse spirits. For more info, you can pm me ofc as not to make this a long reply.


Visualisation, and energy healing. There is an article called “Have Mind, Will Change” by Su Leybourne in the anthology Magick on the Edge (edited by Taylor Ellwood) that talks about a strategy for self healing that she set up to counter her osteoporosis. It may be useful to you.


I pretty much agree with this. While healing is not my strong suit, combining magic with physical means to achieve a goal is always a good approach. As far as spirits go, i have had success with Buer and Marbas for healing sickness. They may be helpful for helping to repair the body in general as well.


Recently after a car accident I suffered a pretty bad concussion. I’ve been working with the plant spirit of the Fly Agaric mushroom to help heal my brain from it with solid success. Calling on the spirit and visualising the mycelium of the mushroom crawling through my brain, reconnecting and healing everything. :mushroom:


I guess i am not forum famous but I am very much into healing Magick. What areas of the brain were injured? There might be even mundane things I learn from psychology that may help. There was a section on brain health and injuries that stood out to

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All the regulars are to some extent, although it seems there is a predilection towards people who do big operations/pathworkings and post about them.

Sounds very interesting tbh, I might have to stea-ahem- I mean borrow the methodology behind that.

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Lol have at it. If you want to use this specific technique, here is the sigil of the Fly Agaric that was given to me.


I was thinking more the methodology than the specific technique itself. Could be useful for a lot of things, like getting in shape or eradicating a flu or any other number of things. I wonder how elemental fire would work instead of the spirit of a mushroom species? Probably good for the applications I mentioned above.