Removing Traditional-Style Curses

So…a family member is having an issue because some people that live near him are super jealous of his property and want to have it. They do magick, like folk traditional magick, and have definitely placed a curse on him.

I just got the news someone died that I asked for magickal help with a while back (the last of 4 people who have either died or had significant issues since the incident) and he had constant new health issues all the time from the moment I did the curse to the moment he died. He got stabbed (a few times?), had the wound infected, got diabetes, had worms (I didn’t know this was a real thing when I thought about it during ritual), and more until eventually the worms and maybe covid killed him. As a note, he’s the only one who suffered like this, and he was in charge of what happened that drove me to wanting him dead.

So I’m familiar with health issues just piling up as a result of magick. I think these people have put little jars like the kind that have curse spells/items inside around his property it’s pretty big. And other neighbors have told him they’re doing magick on him–they’ve seen/heard it supposedly. He doesn’t want to believe these things so he won’t see someone about it. Unfortunately, I’m far from him at the moment and can’t visit.

Can anyone help me? I’m interested in how to fix it as in make him better. He’s been electrocuted which left him with a couple slight issues, fallen off a few roofs (he was doing construction) and broken an ankle and had other resulting issues, has a spine injury, has had a stroke, crazy high dangerous blood pressure spikes, now epilepsy and other things I haven’t been told of specifically. All this in months. He’s under 30 years old too for some perspective and treats his body like a damn temple.


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The blood sugar spikes should come under control if he goes keto?

As for the hex breaking, maybe improving his personal wards, add a mirror shield around him and his home, clearing the curse energy from his property and repeating that as it sounds like new curses are being set all the time, combined with a binding or a curse back to give these people a slap on the wrist and let them know what goes around comes around.

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Thanks for the reply! He’s tried different things and honestly it’s like every couple days there’s a new health concern or a resurgence of an old one. Keto is gonna be really hard for him because of the country he lives in and dietary constraints.

The mirror shield sounds like a great idea! And yes, from the neighbors info, seems like they get together and do this every few weeks. Binding is an idea I had, but honestly they use a magick style that I have no idea about. Like full on animal sacrifice mixed with hoodoo elements and things you can only learn by being raised in the culture of practice. So I can curse back, but I’m not looking to get involved like that with people who have this much more experience than I do.

I know of ways to do this, but do you have specific recommendations?

Again thanks!

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One of the angels occupying Gemini can deflect curses and render them impotent. Cant remember the name, but Im sure there is info on him. I have a few papers on Shemhamphoresh, so if you arent adverse to working with angels, that is one thing.

Kronus helped me develop a kind curse on another forum, I can give you the name of the angel working it, and the mechanics of it. Im a big softy, though, so I may modify it or save it for people who lie about me and/or threaten me.

Im over the twenty something edgy/popular folk who are usually large douchebags in my town. Just a by product of being in sports or fraternities I guess, even though Im not like that and was in a fraternity myself. Anyway, those are my two bits of info that might help you.

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Lots of limpia - the egg method. A diet meatfree and bathing or shower with blessed water. Are some quick things to do. Than in the house place vinnegar, crystals and salt in the corners. The crystals may be charged with protection spells.

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I’m not so much, but it’s not worth it to me to go after people who aren’t threatening the health/lives of people I love. I have lenience where I can and have only done two seriously harmful spells/rituals, but like… I give warnings and people don’t listen and they they threaten the lives of people I love.

Thanks for the insight on angels! I’ve considered working with them over this but have a lack of experience surrounding them so I’ve been trying to learn more. I would love any info you’re willing to give and of course I’m very willing to do my own research with anything you can provide :heart:

Also, I saw your other post and welcome back!!!

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He doesn’t eat meat so check. And he’s unwilling to participate in the rest and so I’d rather not have someone invade his house with (more) things he doesn’t want there, but I’m definitely considering asking his brother for some help on that front.

Thanks for the limpia con huevo suggestion, hadn’t thought of it honestly. Mal del ojo and envy are certainly at play here given that jealousy is the root cause of this whole f-ing thing.