Reliving your life

is there any spirit that can help me relive my life again, even as a hallucination. i want to relive my happier times.

You can do this with astral projection, but to feel like you’re actually there takes a practice and skill building. It will come if you keep at it, it’s no different than visiting anywhere else in spacetime.


whats a easy way to learn how to astral project?

You have a lot of choice here…

Try Robert Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics.
There are also E.A. Koetings teachings in his Omnipresence course, and his books like Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis.
There are a bunch of free videos on youtube.
The Monroe Institute teaches it on tape and in person.

And tons more you’ll find that might fit you better if you follow the leads the above research generates.

The Phase, written by Michael Raduga.