Religion and magick

I have this doubt I hope you all can help and give suitable advice. So I am Muslim and I am drawn to LHP, but also I wanna continue my religion practices alongside, which requires 5 daily prayers. So my question is can I practice black magic and follow my religion? Is it possible?

If I may ask, What is Black Magic?

It all start from there. Your definition of it, your view, your perspective is what will define you and how you define what you’re about to jump into.

If you see it as hell, evil, you won’t be true to yourself and always think at the back of your mind that you’re sinning. Haram!

It’s all in your hands. Even those who practice what they call White Magic questioned their Christian faith. Thinking they have done something wrong by meddling with occult.

They all don’t know what they are doing!

It’s not up to us or you to decide - you gave your power away to your god, you are a sheep in the flock, and so you have no right to do that - your answer as a religious person, comes from your own religious books:

From this tradition it can be inferred that it is permissible to learn and practice magic if it is for the purpose of nullifying the (evil) effects of magic.

But I am very interested in magick I don’t care about what some islamic “scholars” are saying. I just want to ask that practicing your religion like praying affect your magic? If it does I will leave praying and if necessary leave Islam. I just need right guidance to walk on this path

Does that mean one have to be positive about magick for it to be permissible alongside your religion or I have to leave my religion to fully take advantages of magick?

You don’t have to leave Islam and prayers . But you will definitely need to let go of the beliefs that black magick is haram (forbidden) and you will burn in hell , or demons are dangerous and will harm you or get you to do bad and criminal stuff in return of their favours , or black magick is there to harm others etc… this is just what I have learnt and experienced though .

Here is a lecture about Magic and Islam from Yale University (of all places):

This may be what you are looking for:

A WaPo article:

To sum up all the major points:

Miracles = Good magick from Allah
Sorcery = Evil, Black magick from demons and jinn

Black magick = is considered haram, very evil

Dealing with Jinn = is considered haram; very evil, filthy

I know that you are aware that some of the first grimoires were in Arabic.


My knowledge of the Qur’an is pretty limited but if I’m not mistaken were the Djinn not made a fitra just like humanity? Were they not considered magick users. If they weren’t explicitly condemned for doing so, why would the same not be true for humans? I could be way off on that and I’m sorry if I missed something within the context.

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Thankyou so much.! Definitely I will not consider Magick to be an evil art. But also my confusion is if I pray to “Allah” does it make other demons angry or does it low the effect of magick ?

Yes. That is true! Thankyou for this information this feels comforting since childhood I’ve been fed the information how demons and shayateen and bad and evil even after that I never felt fearful there was this pull towards this since the beginning I can surely say.

Yes! Thats accurate! I even came across some Muslims also who take Help from Djinn. Thankyou for the information! It really helps

I haven’t read that in a single magick book that you have to leave religion in order to work with demons . To me they are here to assist not to be worshipped.