Releasing Oneself from a Curse or Binding

If a Person had come to realize they were living under the effects of a deeply imbedded (longstanding) curse, how would they go about UNDOING it?


Any demon that provides protection should be able to take off curses. There is a nether in BoA that should be able to help.

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Thanks. I don’t own Book of Azazel, but after seeing so much positive feedback on it here in the Forum, I think it’ll be a good investment. I’ve become familiar enough with EA’s Magickal history, perspective & intentions that I trust the Knowledge he shares …

(SO tired of pompous, half-baked gurus. I rarely read books that claim to impart wisodom and practical understanding anymore. Not willing to waste my precious Energy digging thru the SHITE for a single nugget. )

Thanks again! :wink: Z

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Thanks for asking that Z I was just going inquire on that.

ADELPHIA YOU"RE A PEACH!!! Thank You! Will let you know what I learn after I evoke him & study his presence. :wink: Z

There’s is an angel in Kingdoms of Flame that is excellent for this!
I don’t recall his name now, but its ability to deliver you from curses is tremendous!

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[quote=“tania, post:6, topic:104”]There’s is an angel in Kingdoms of Flame that is excellent for this!
I don’t recall his name now, but its ability to deliver you from curses is tremendous![/quote]

TANIA: I’m uber-interested in this … if you recall his name, will you shoot off a quick pm to me? Thanx, :wink: Z

[quote=“Zoe, post:7, topic:104”][quote=“tania, post:6, topic:104”]There’s is an angel in Kingdoms of Flame that is excellent for this!
I don’t recall his name now, but its ability to deliver you from curses is tremendous![/quote]

TANIA: I’m uber-interested in this … if you recall his name, will you shoot off a quick pm to me? Thanx, :wink: Z[/quote]

I got his name. Take a look to your message inbox.

Great big “THANK YOU”, Tania. Zoe Like!!! :wink: Z

I wanted to say that after you remove the curse, remember to work on protection as well. You can evoke guardians obviously, but I also periodically put up protection and place guardians around my home and property and children. As a matter of fact, I may have too much protection as I have not thus far been able to have any results when working with beings of “negative” association. Hmmmm…


Thank you so much for your input, Beboe76! Wise counsel, and a timely one,I think. I’ll admit I’m frequently lax in the area of protecting Myself in an overall, general sense (and, One can go ‘nuts’ trying to manage all the specific ones!) …Forest for the Trees, eh?
Oh, btw, WELCOME!!! And wish you much progress in your communing with the “Dark Ones” as I tend to think of them. I realized some time ago that dark & evil are NOT synonymous … nor does the Dark Way have the corner market on said evil. :wink: Z

I was just wondering,
if you had come to realize you are living under the effects of a deeply imbedded (longstanding) curse or you have a demon attached to you. you evoke a demon and tell him to undo the curse ore send the demon away, am I right?
Isn’t it a lot faster and easier to send the curse or demon back to sender yourself, since you all are Gods. That is what I did, up till now.
Or do you rather take the long way because you can evoke a demon and doing that is more fun?
All this black magick is new for me, and I find it fascinating, I want to learn more.

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Hi Freya!

The question was rooted in uncertainty as to the origin of an unusually harsh life from its beginning - curse or possession or whatever as a generational thing; inherited, perhaps.

It just seemed to me a good idea to NOT rush headlong into a “possible” solution. Dealing with Spirits, Entities & Demons unlnown in such an overt, offensive manner can cause even more hardship!! Kinda like yanking on a chain, when you don’t know the nature or size of the beast on the other end!!! :wink: Z

Hi Zoe, I never looked at it that way. gives me something to think about

thank you

Robert Bruce talked about a hex that was put on him by a witch in his early years. Something attached to his leg. He never told how it was resolved, though I’m still in the middle of reading “The Practical Psychic Self=Defense Handbook” which apparently details the account. EA also sent out an email about this. His basic recommendation was to intensely invoke omnipotence, face the direction in which you think your attacker is in, hold out your right hand and just atom bomb the energy in that direction.

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Now THIS is what I’m talkin about! Big TANX, DKM~

I’ll atom-bomb the hell right outa that bitch!

 ;)  Z

Zoe - I hope EA doesn’t mind, since this IS his BALG forum I don’t think he will. But here’s the copy&paste of EA’s newsletter entitled: “How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attack”

[quote=“EA”]Hi, Thomas Wright,

I first got started on my own path of Ascent when
I was around 12 years old. In the last 20 years, I’ve
been able to make observations that most people don’t
consider about reality and my place in it.
One of these observations that I’ve seen hold true
the entire time is that when you become actively engaged
in tapping into your Limitless Potential, your aura, your
energy, your soul itself begins to shine more brightly.
People can feel this, for certain, and they react to it.
Most people are drawn to those who shine brightly.
They have an instinctive sense that they can trust that
person, and even more so, that they can learn from that
However, there is a darker side to shining brightly.
Most people who are experienced in the occult won’t tell
you this. They’ll tell you that if you increase your
energetic resonance and expand your aura, that everything
will be hunky dory.
Well, I’ve made a commitment to you, to tell you the
truth, regardless, because I’ve seen your absolute
LIMITLESS POTENTIAL, and I know that you can handle any-
thing and everything once you have the right information.

The dark side of shining brightly is that we live in

a dark age in a dark world. And so, if you shine brightly
in a dark age in dark world, you’ll stand out quite a bit
from your environment.
In fact, you’ll stand out like a bright light in a black
And, if you’ve ever turned on a light or sat by a camp
fire in the middle of the night, then you know what happens:
Little nasty, bothersome bugs swarm to the light. They want
so desperately to be close to the light, but don’t have the
intellectual capacity to keep a safe distance, nor do they
have the resources to create their own light.
And so, what do they do?
They usually will fly straight into the fire and kill
themselves instantly, or they buzz around the bright light
and annoy those who are comfortably and responsibly enjoying
the light and heat.
Sometimes, the insects annoy those people so much that
they get swatted at.

So, to take this back to the spiritual:
If you are a bright light in a dark world, you're going

to attract beings, forces, and people. Some of those more
advanced beings, forces, and people will recognize your
brightness for what it is, and they’ll realize that they too
can possess it.
Other, less developed beings, forces, and people will
react violently to you, because they feel that they don’t
possess the resources to create their own brightness, but
they cannot stand the fact that you have done so for yourself.
But, Thomas Wright, you have nothing to worry about, because the
very powersource through which you have developed your
abilities and have expanded your inner light to a visible
and solid permeation is the very same power that is used
to create all things, sustain all things, and can be used
to destroy all things.
All that is necessary is to focus that power in a way
that will repel those who wish you harm, and at the same
time will surround you with a sphere of protection so that
no further attacks will be successful!

#####Here’s what you have to do:#####

  1. Set a chair in the center of the room, facing north.

  2. Take a deep breath in, being sure to remain conscious
    of the air entering your mouth, flowing down your throat,
    into your lungs. Hold the breath for a moment, long enough
    to feel your lungs, chest, and your entire torso stretch and

  3. With your eyes either opened or closed, view the room in
    which you sit. Rather than studying the walls and the floor,
    let your eyes Focus on the air that surrounds you. Inhale
    deeply,hold the breath momentarily, and exhale, keeping your
    attention on the air in the room. Take a few of these deep
    breaths and feel each one connecting you to your environment
    as you breathe it in and give your breath back to it.

  4. As you look on at the countless particles of air around
    you, see them slowly taking on light, as if they are absorbing
    the little bit of sun or artificial light that has crept into the
    room, and reflecting that light all around them like microscopic
    prisms. At this point, it is best to continue the visualization
    with your eyes open. Do not expect to see these things with your
    physical sight, but simply allow your awareness of it to
    pervade your mind as you look around the room. Know that
    this is happening and sense it.

  5. As you view the tiny particles of light, as you become aware
    of them as more than molecules of air, see that they begin to
    glow brighter, the light spreading farther from their centers,
    shining like a million suns surrounding you. The air around you
    should seem as if it is glowing, the warmth and light filling the
    entire room.

  6. Breathe the light in, and experience it. Feel the warmth and
    the power of the light entering you. Rather than moving to your
    lungs, sense and visualize it filling your whole body with buzzing

  7. When you feel that you are full of light and can take in no
    more, close your eyes and turn your attention entirely inwards.
    Feel the light that is now inside of yourself, glowing like a
    thousand suns. Exhaling, release the light from you, like a sphere
    of light pushing out of every pore, especially from your solar plexus
    in your stomach area. Envision the shock wave from this explosion of
    light demolishing your enemies and any power that they might be
    directing towards you. If you can sense the attack from a specific
    direction, you can hold your hand in that direction and discharge
    the light in that way.

    This method will clear your area of all harm, and will negate the
    workings that others are doing against you.

    Be vigilant, however, because until your enemies are entirely
    destroyed, in body and soul, they will continue to seek you out.
    In these cases, the works of Baneful Magick will remove these pests
    from existence.

    Until next time,

    E.A. Koetting
    Godlike Power

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@DKM: Wonderful! And surely EA won’t mind being quoted correctly in his own Forum! This newsletter is exactly what I needed to see - guess it was before I joined the Forum. Thanks again! :wink: Z

Hi Zoe, I haven’t tried full evocations yet but is it OK with you if I assist? I would tonight open Opfaal’s sigil. He’s an angel of liberation ( that’s why i was asking if i could still do angelic evocations, considering i’m pretty much dedicated to another path, so to speak… but i have since read and understood that it doesn’t matter in the spirit realms, just do proper banishings, ceremonies, etc…, etc…, (I did it for me after I realised that I had a long standing curse,I had some success, then I got ill, then I realised I had left 2sigils opened after the work was completed,I burnt both of them, then with some very aggressive , colorful language I ordered whatever entity to get out (something strange happened that night after) and now I just sniffle sometimes. I had some trouble opening the sigil and 'twas like it barely wanted to open, I thought after that 'twas because I did it in the ritual space I used since I dedicated it as per Wod, which I hadn’t banished since i started…I have since taken care of that. He, Opfaal releases from any type of curse,trauma. If no, it’s ok, I will understand. Either way, I hope you get healed. oh, Opfaal is from KoF

Ah, JillBlack, you sweet, sweet girl … of course its OK! I think it would be ridiculous of me to turn down such willing & courteously offered assistance. Thank You ! You & Opfa’al are ~most~ welcome! Z :wink: