Reintroduction of Crown

Hi. Again. This is to reintroduce myself having been on here for awhile. Getting the hang of the place. Getting into the ‘vibe’. Digging deep, doing research and mainly just surfing the threads.

Thanks to DarkestKnight he as been a huge help to a newbie like myself.

Anyways, whom am I? That’s a huge question. Maybe the biggest question of all? I love movies, music and social media. I used it all in my magic and practices. I do meme magic in real life, unironically.

I fully embrace what I am, and who that is. Or trying to be, turning trying into actuality. Yoda claims trying isn’t actually doing it. Yeah, right you light green jedi jerk (the Jedi suck, the Sith are amazing) actually have done Sith magic too.

I am trying to be and to become many, many things all at once. Word of caution some of things I say is meant to be read lightly, with a dash of humor (laughter is the bedrock of one of my many Paths).

I am the living embodiment of rock and roll (that’s mine intentions). I want to be cool, hip, and sexy at least in my own mind. I don’t give two farts what anyone thinks of me or what I am into.

Everything I own and use is for a purpose. Everything word. Everything action.

I am a mystery. A joke. A beat. An idea. A lyric mostly still unwritten and unsung.

*I will keep this updated.

**I found making a list of what a person is into doesn’t really lead to any good conversation. I rather spark it into some banter; its much more interesting that way.

***Sorta of a jumbo mess. But will break it further down.


So is this meant to be a journal? I can move it into the Journal section for you.


No it is not. It is a long hello thread about myself for the forum may get to know me better.

Journal is for a daily life thing. This is NOT that.

You could have added to this intro thread you already started:

So if you don’t want this added to the journals section, which don’t need to be updated daily or outline daily living by the way, I can ask @moderators if they can merge the two threads.


What is wrong with having a new and updated introduction thread?

I guess we’re just trying to keep this place organized. People usually make one intro. It’s an intro, nothing more. It’s getting confusing when everyone is making new introduction threads whenever they have changed or evolved, because people often experience personal development when they’re on a magickal journey.

That’s why I suggested making this your journal. Since you said you’d keep this updated.


Thank you for explaining it. Now, I understand.


I changed it into Journal section.
A journal here can be about everything, no need to write daily or something like that. It’s basically a place for you to express yourself or keep your notes or dedicate it to a specific topic you are researching or experimenting on. :+1:

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It is an art thingy, but I have used it to my own private knowledge and system of magic.

Art is magic. Artworks are magical. It is the only thing that survives after the end of a people, way of life and the stars themselves.

I consider myself a work of art. Art be me.