Reincarnation. Have you heard of this theory and what’s your take on it?

Somewhere or other I saw this theory and want to know what you think about it.

If you master magick and ascension you’ll have the power to reincarnate back into your own life and fix everything you don’t like.

Also that that’s why ascension is so difficult. Because the ascended make it hard so it stays only among the elites.

Thought please?

Add: I think they got the idea from they branch of science that speculated about wormholes, non linear time and stuff like that. Is time non linear ? Anyhow thanks in advance for your thoughts on the matters in this post.

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Never heard of that theory as you explained it, but I have heard that some people can come back with knowledge they gained from a previous life, old souls. Never heard of people coming back to a previous life though. Where did you hear this?

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I don’t remember. I came across it when looking at some theoretical science related stuff online somewhere I think. Add: looking online after I had a conversational debate on the theoretical possibility or non-possibility of using wormholes as a planetary defense against sun going nova with a coworker on break I was looking up some of that theoretical science stuff.

Anyhow…. Still interested in your thoughts on it (returning to your own life via reincarnation fixing it and whether ascended masters might be making ascension hard to keep it for the elite).

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I don’t believe this is the case. This would create paradoxes that have rippling effects both forwards and backwards in time. Paradoxes cause problems which would break the universe you were in and cause it to collapse, so it’s prevented by not “the ascended [humans]”, which are at a lower level of consciousness, but higher dimensions that don’t want your shit in their backyard, basically. We share the universe, gotta be a lil bit considerate :slight_smile:

I think what can be done is you go join a parallel universe where you can experience a version closer to what you wanted where you make the decisions you prefer. On one level all of it already happened outside of time and space in all ways, so you have a lot of options.

I think, it would be easier and take less time at the base level we’re at to “remember” your other lives. I say that because I’ve had dreams, lucid and otherwise, where I remember bits of lives where I never emigrated from England. But in the end, I’m still me, the quality if the “I am” presence looking out of my eyes is still me, and there’s no escaping yourself, so it’s different but much of a muchness.

This sounds very fear based and… human… Most people just don’t do the work. It’s difficult because it’s work, and we live in a society that has taught people to expect instant gratification, participation trophies and free lunches, spiritually you could say this is occurring on purpose driven by the “forces” that desire stagnation within us. Each must choose if they want to ascend or stay in the comfort zone.

As far as I know, the ascended want to help. as far as ascendeds go, I have heard of a so called “dark brotherhood” that wants to halt evolution of any kind, while the “white brotherhood” wants evolution, but both see this as helping. So in reality they work together, one is more like the safety brake and the other teaches. An example of someone trying to help was Mithras, who inspired the Jesus story and taught people to find the god within, while others came behind and corrupted that into a mere cult of personality.