Reincarnation and demons

hi, i have a question about reincarnation. im mainly involved with demons, so im not too familiar with this sort of soul/spiritual stuff, but i was wondering if it would be possible to make a pact with a demon to reincarnate yourself? as in, making a pact wherein you die and your soul is reincarnated into a life that you choose, or similar to what you want, while keeping you conscious and foregoing any memory loss. its out there, i know, but im curious. if it is possible, what demon(s) would be best? i dont exactly plan on doing this, but im very curious as to if it can be done. thank you!


You want to reincarnate? Why not live in the astral version of Earth. It is just like you described. The only difference is that you cannot get sick or be poor there.

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I’m not sure I understand why you want to do that.

You seem obsessed with this idea. Why would someone want to limit themselves to the astral plane, where there are far better planes of existence above that one.


As I see it (and I could be wrong, also just going on my experience) this plane SEEMS to be the one that is the hardest to get to, I’ve read and heard how the ancient deities and their legion crave to break through. For short periods for sure but this seems to be the plane they desire. You are enquiring about leaving without experiencing everything this plane has to offer. You can travel to other planes as much as you wish. I get the feeling it is hard to travel to this plane whilst being based on another. Never wish your life away, especially as you can mould it into how you need it and you never know when your number is drawn. This world is full of Magick just tap in to your own reservoir. Change what needs to be changed, but be happy here as this is where we are placed for now.


Well, i’ve seen you come along with that concept at least twice now.

Kind of begs the question,
why you,
chose to come here,
instead of there. :wink:



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I don’t think it’s possible. But, I could be wrong.

From my own experience, I have the following to say on reincarnation.

So, several years ago I had returned home after a couple years abroad and was walking through the forest, listening to the wind, asking what came before. I got shown in that moment that everything that lives dies and is born again. In that moment, Something I knew but had forgotten came apparent. When we die there is a period we spend in the void, the blackness and absence cleanses our souls. We move to the white plane (that’s how it appeared to me) where we talk about the lives we lived and plan for the ones that are to come. After that, we become paired with a vessel, our astral umbilical cord coming down and attaching. We drift in and out of our body at this point. At the moment of our birth, when we take our first breath, our souls get sucked down a hole, this is where we see stars and the cosmos and then the earthly clouds and sky. And then we’re born.

Anyways, I could be wrong, I could have imagined that whole experience but, I don’t think I am.

Next time you are in nature, ask the trees.


I doubt that transmigration is in the demonic sphere of influence.

There might be a way. I thought I saw something on the forums talking about this but I can’t remember the exact procedure.

But in the event that I’m completely crazy, I don’t think there’s a means of choosing what you want to reincarnate as. Don’t @ me; could be wrong.

@duskwalker Absolutely beautiful!

Also would like to add to this thread (while hoping not to offend any one), everyones opinions are unique to the person and has worth. Awesome that we can be in a place to discuss and analyze all viewpoints.

The first thought that instantly popped in my mind, ‘maybe this person wants to experience the earth plain again’. Either way, how one sees our shared world i.e. ‘reality’ is structured specifically to that persons perception. It’s all about the journey, right?

@no11 nice thread topic :+1:

This song came up while writing this lol thought that was interesting… lol


It is by my belief innately for who we are as individuals will ultimately pave some form of afterlife for us as we speak. You could make arrangements and contracts made for the afterlife, but to decide accordingly; would ultimately be at the hand’s and authority of that demon which could come with a price.


the thing is, im paranoid that all of this magick stuff is fake. it seems too good to be true. im afraid that instead of changing your reality, it only changes you-so instead of actually physically changing your body or face, youll just think that your body and face have changed. it scares me to think its all just a delusion. i dont know why i think reincarnation is a more realistic choice, its kinda silly.


I can see that. We all go through phases of doubts and it’s all part of our individualized spiritual path. When you think magic is fake look back on history, look at the Oracles of Delphi, the Handmaids of various Goddess and deities, and the priests of old.

Every belief is strong - I have held the deep belief that those under Christian societies have often been pushed into the priesthood and convents as our magic expresses. I say this with someone who knows magic and the “sixth” sense exists in my family and it’s strong, yet it manifested as people who chose to be priests instead of Druids.

Your expression of your own power is unique to you and no one else. Your beliefs and perceptions will always be yours. I won’t say don’t doubt yourself because Id be the biggest hypocrite alive. I will say embrace the debate between what’s real and what’s not, keep yourself grounded. If you feel like magic is pulling your head to high in the clouds walk with onyx or hematite in your pocket until you get pulled down to earth.

You’re gonna be fine. Stop worrying about what comes after.


Well, I think it would be easier to ascend on that realm. Here, we have way too many distractions. I think it is easier to ascend there, because there are no physical blockages holding you back. People here claim to be gods, but how can they be gods when they are forced to go to the bathroom. There is no problem like that there.

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I was probably tricked by the archons. Probably was not smart enough to see through their delusions before I incarnated here.

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You can only become a true god here. That’s the whole point, to embody the power of the Eternal in the physical realm, which is the final plane of existence and furthest from the Source. The astral plane is nothing compared to what you are capable of here if you open your eyes to see and put forth the effort.

You cannot Ascend from the astral plane. In my experience, that is why astral beings cannot follow you to the planes beyond when you are soul travelling. Few beings are capable of doing what humans can do, thanks to the singularity of their physical bodies.


One question…we chose to incarnate here? I have always believed that we reincarnated because of our bad karma from previous lives.

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Hi @no11,
I think @duskwalker has said what I would have said. Also it has been written it in a far better way than I could have, sometimes things just get jumbled up and you cant get it out. So thank you @duskwalker.


You’re too kind @Chris1 thank you


quite frankly,
i think they’re tricking you now,
by making you wish away your current existance,
and thereby stopping you from even trying.

yaah, it actually takes some effort,
and understanding,
to decide where,
and how you’re going forward.

The concept of Karma,
also isn’t considered to be in effect for black magicians.

Karma is a concept of causality:
that are based on previos actions,
and cause later actions.

In such a string of pre-determent destiny,
you’re not really having any power to change or influence where you’re going,
because you’re way to receptive,
just following what is been set in place for you already.

But you might be familiar with the concept of “using up one’s carma,
to the degree, that you draw more from your past lives,
and take more into this live.”

That’s closer.

So even inside the Karmic system of understanding,
there’s action,
that can lead to you having influence on it.

karmic systems,
also basically aim to reach Nirvana,
to get free of having to reincarnate,
rather then being forced back into it,
while at the same time,
some actually choose to come back,
to teach the others.
how do they come back out of Nirvana,
that place of non-being,
and decide teaching those that didn’t get far enough in their development,
rather then simply staying dissolved?

Well, you could look at the Void of the Abyss,
as being Nirvana,
for that matter.

you can exist in complete utter darkness,
and simply rest forever,
or be called back,
even decide to come back,
and start taking care,
of stuff that was left unfinished.

Compare the mechanisms,
and you’ll find answers.

Also, the Karmic System of belief,
goes along with the idea of Suffering being the ultimate answer to the question of:
“what’s the purpose of life”.

So the comparising to Hell,
in a sense, is very close there.

the idea almost considers this plane,
to be Hell,
and actual Hell,
to be the salvation,
as again,
the closest we can compare Nirvana (/being outside of the cycle of reincarnation, of existence),
is the Abyss.

We also shouldn’t forget,
that the Karmic system of belief,
was rooted in coming from naivity and bliss,
from a completely innocent mind,
that couldn’t grasp or bear with,
what immense amount of shit was going on around that person.

there’s definately some element of escapism in that view.

Siddhartha Gautama

Was a Royal child,
fully protected until he’s already been a male.

Techniqually that lead to him being underdeveloped,
when he first got out,
and came in contact with the real world.

But then,
it also allowed him to make a huge jump in developement,
and see clearer then others did,
hence his illuminated status.

And he’s gained his epiphany,
during meditation,
about the stuff that he couldn’t understand,
so he’s been guided by some kind of higher knowledge,
in formulating his conclusions.

I always seen some true adverserialism in that,
since he’s been pre-determined to either become a huge worrior and emperor,
or a holy man, and sage.

And even there,
we have a choice,
where he was able to pick,
which route he prefered to go on with.

But if you’re more interested,
and don’t feel satisfied with my answer,
feel free to evoke Siddharta directly,
and talk to him yourself.


Also, the Bodhi state is a state of having reached,
and furfilled the limitless potentiality,
we on Balg consider as the godlike power of omnipotence.

I always seen the Bodhisathva,
as a form of incarnated goodhood,
and when you look at some of their teachings,
it becomes quite evident,
with the amount of responability,
they take for the enviorment around them,
and the people that live with them.

With them washing the Karma of those who’re less developed,
during night,
and cleansing thousands,
which simply don’t know the techniques of how to cleanse themselves,
or aren’t aware of the benefit that holds to them.

And Buddhism was created in a culture,
where the major belief pantheon,
had many gods,
in hinduism,
where the whole concept of the different mechanisms of existence was being teached,
especially to young royalty, which were designed to have a leading role later on.

So Siddharta pretty surely,
had a good understanding of the different planes of existence,
or at least dieties to work with,
when he meditated and seurched for his answers,
which he later teached forth to others.

He’s looked at that system,
which was in place,
and seeked a way,
to define a new role,
for the people in it,
which might help liberate them.

Sounds very Adverserial to me,