Reiki attunement causing me numbness

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote on here but i still read up on some of the subjects. I hope everyone is ok.

I recently did 2 reiki attunements, for reiki 1 and 2 a bit under a month ago, but ended up going through some health problems right afterwards, so i haven’t kept up practicing it like the reiki teacher suggested to me. I will start practicing it once I feel more myself. I’ve been way more emotionally volatile so trying not to do anything that could add to my sensitivity.

I’ve done a couple of archangel rituals over the past few weeks and have noticed some changes too, which I am a little concerned. One is that I am usually very good at visualizing things very quickly forming images in my mind. Now I am finding it very difficult to do that. It’s not gone but I don’t see images as well as before.

Another thing I am noticing is that I feel less from spirits than I did before having the attunements. I used to feel a strong pleasant, buzzing feeling for days after a ritual. Now I feel pretty normal the next day. I was a bit used to having strong reactions so this makes me think I am feeling numb or something.

Has someone else had any strange effects from doing reiki attunements from someone? She is very good and I had reiki treatments from her for years so I feel she was the one to learn from. But I don’t talk about doing rituals with her so just thought I could ask here.

It’s known that some Reiki practitioners are parasitised, due to using new-age shortcuts not the proper original Reiki techniques. Parasites feed off your energy and that can cause numbness and fatigue among other things.

Have you tried banishing and cleansing?


Thanks @Mulberry, I’ve started cleansing for the emotional negativity going on, and it’s been helping my mood… Do you think it’s from the attunement that could cause me to attract parasites?

I have to agree with @Mulberry

While I am not against shortcuts and back doors

I openly admit I am a mage, one who walks in both Light and Dark

From personal experience

I have found that the modern new agey Reiki attune

It lines you up with your teachers current. So you are using the paths they use not a direct link

I am not saying your teacher is stealing your energy or anything necessarily.

Just that you are using another’s game trail and are therefore out of alignment with the path you are more used to

Does that make sense?

One suggestion that works for me

Visualization cloaking your energy with the vibration signature of the reiki current you are using.

The energy equivalent of of wearing a society ring

Hope this helps you on your path



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There was a forum I was apart of some years ago that explained how some reiki work can actually be detrimental to you rather than helpful.

When doing reiki work or any kind of channeling of energy the channeler’s energy is still mixed into the he energy that’s being sent through them to o the individual they’re doing reiki on.


Thank you.

@anon48079295 I did notice some benefits as well, mostly less tolerance of crap I have normally just tried ignoring in the past from people I care about. I have noticed improvement from poor boundaries in public places due to having overly empathic nature. I have also noticed some synchronicity with loved ones, and family friends talking about or doing things that I was thinking.

Maybe it’s the numbness though, I am not sure if this is a permanent change. I just miss feeling the strong spiritual energy from doing rituals, and finding it hard to visualize is also negative.

Does a reiki attunement affect someone for the rest of their life or is it only if I use it often? I haven’t practiced it since the attunement and I’m on the fence about it now.

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Reiki has to be used from time to time, but other means of work can be done in its replacement.

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I have never had an issue with setting reiki aside and picking it back up

I have a decent basis in Pathworking so that may make it easier for me

Your mileage may vary as all Energy Work and Magik is personal