Reiki attunement causing me numbness

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote on here but i still read up on some of the subjects. I hope everyone is ok.

I recently did 2 reiki attunements, for reiki 1 and 2 a bit under a month ago, but ended up going through some health problems right afterwards, so i haven’t kept up practicing it like the reiki teacher suggested to me. I will start practicing it once I feel more myself. I’ve been way more emotionally volatile so trying not to do anything that could add to my sensitivity.

I’ve done a couple of archangel rituals over the past few weeks and have noticed some changes too, which I am a little concerned. One is that I am usually very good at visualizing things very quickly forming images in my mind. Now I am finding it very difficult to do that. It’s not gone but I don’t see images as well as before.

Another thing I am noticing is that I feel less from spirits than I did before having the attunements. I used to feel a strong pleasant, buzzing feeling for days after a ritual. Now I feel pretty normal the next day. I was a bit used to having strong reactions so this makes me think I am feeling numb or something.

Has someone else had any strange effects from doing reiki attunements from someone? She is very good and I had reiki treatments from her for years so I feel she was the one to learn from. But I don’t talk about doing rituals with her so just thought I could ask here.

It’s known that some Reiki practitioners are parasitised, due to using new-age shortcuts not the proper original Reiki techniques. Parasites feed off your energy and that can cause numbness and fatigue among other things.

Have you tried banishing and cleansing?


Thanks @Mulberry, I’ve started cleansing for the emotional negativity going on, and it’s been helping my mood… Do you think it’s from the attunement that could cause me to attract parasites?