Regarding the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra

I have seen somewhere that the third eye chakra is purple, and the crown chakra is white. What do you guys think? True or False?

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Yes, third eye is purple (or, also, dark blue) while crown is either white or violet. Interestingly, these two last colors “contends” the complete/neuter role both in Hinduism and Magick.

The Ajna chakra is not purple. Everything I have read says that its colour is Indigo, which is a combination of blue and purple (it is found closer to blue on the colour wheel than purple).

In EA’s Blue Flame meditation for the Ajna, indigo is the colour of the candle needed and the ray you visualize absorbing into the chakra (he describes it as indigo in his book Ipsissimus, but he calls it blue in his video).

The Sahasrara chakra is white.


Hmm I asked this question because I wondered how would a purple candle for purple ray meditation affect the third eye? Any thoughts?

Energy from one centers can balance itself by moving to other centers.

You can also just go ahead and use the purple candle, the point of the color is to help you focus and make the meditation more effective by strengthening your belief in it, it’s not that important if you can do that through will.

If you need specific colour references:

Third eye/ 6th chakra

And the 7th/ crown is like the lightning itself. It’s white with a rather purple/ pink tint to it

Every chakra can be associated with white-gold as well, like the light of the sun.

That depends on, but is indigo for the majority as it takes a portion of Visuddha (blue) that’s connected with “communication” and the Sahasrara (purple), the “higher consciousness” and “spirituality, divine connection”.