Regarding Taoism

I’ve recently got into learning about taoism, and wanted to ask a few questions on it.

1st, if taoism is about seeking “immortality”, does that mean it can rejuvenate youth?

2nd, taoism is about living in harmony with nature. This part is what confuses me, especially with the immortality part. I mean, nature is about the natural order, which is cyclical. Things grow, die, decay, and foster new life. At least that’s been my understanding. To seek immortality would mean going against the natural order, because you’re looking for permanence. Or is there something I’m missing?

Well taoism with a small t refers to the philosophy. Taoism with a capital T refers to the religion and is rather more involved.
Neither is about seeking immortality, and neither teach you how, that’s included somewhere in the fine print but it’s not the focus.

The energy working technique include those that are for health and longevity. Staying healthy is assumed to be part of living a long life.

Spend more time studying the philosophy. Nothing in taoism says that longevity or immortality is unnatural. YOU said that, and that is not the taoist perspective. More like, aging and illness happen because you are out of harmony. Fix that and there’s no reason to age and die.

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