Regain the trust of ex

I have feelings for my ex and I believe he does too (at least he claims to do so), but I wronged him before and he broke up with me saying he feels like he can’t trust me anymore. I don’t blame him but I really want a second chance. I am not looking for anything lust-related, I want him to trust me again. He doesn’t hate me or anything, I am not blocked anywhere and he says he still cares a lot but thinks it just won’t work.

I am thinking of evoking Orias or Dantalion. Any suggestions or spells? I feel like a regular love spell won’t work because our problem isn’t the lack of feelings.


In the Goetia, Vuall has the ability to “restore trust”, try that:

Restore trust. When trust has been lost, whether through your actions or because of another person’s own problems with trust, this power can restore trust. It can be directed at one person, or a group, and will make them believe you are trustworthy. The deceptive can use this to gain the upper hand and commit acts that go undetected. You can also use it to bring authentic trust to a valued relationship.

Hargrove, Corwin. Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from The 72 Demons (Magick of Darkness and Light) (p. 132). Kindle Edition.

I like this book a lot and it’s worked really well for me, and the abilities mentioned are not found in other grimoires, I’d recommend getting this and another grimoire like Pandaemonium that you can leaf through and find ideas to brainstorm solutions to problems as well. You’ll come up with ideas that you might not have thought possible otherwise.


I will look into the book. Thanks a lot.

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You can also try " Heal a relationship" Sigil, Tulatu, The Angels of Omnipotence by Jareth Tempest. Actually , the angel Tulatu has a list of sigils you can use, reignite love, bring someone back to your life, well Tulatu is the angel of omnipotence for love workings.


Seconding Vual for this.

I have a close relationship with Vual and he’s excellent for restoring trust, regardless of the nature of the relationship. As for working with him, here are some of my experiences:

Vual is adept with repairing friendships (oft overlooked it seems) so it’s not much of a surprise that that he values friendship/companionship from those who seek help from him. Talking to/with him regularly, inviting him to spend time with you over seemingly mundane things, he appreciates these sorts of things. For me, this has entailed activities like inviting him to read while I write in my journal, or to read with me. Sometimes it’s been more intimate than that.

When I started working with Vual, I found that he cleared the mistrust extremely fast, but that there also needed to be a more enduring relationship with him to keep that distrust away. It makes sense as trust can take time to restore, especially with more grievous instances of hurt.

When it comes to rituals, I personally have not ever had much success using prescribed formula/spells/rituals that others have come up with, generally speaking. I’m not discouraging the use of others’ rituals, not at all, it’s merely that of all the entities I’ve worked with though, Vual has especially appreciated a more personalized approach. At the very least, I would highly suggest adding a token a friendship or working something of the sort into the rituals once you’ve been working with him for a bit — something that is more unique and permanent if that makes any sense.

To give an example, I have a small obsidian gargoyle for him on my altar to signify this friendship. Obsidian is not one of his associated stones at all, but for us it signifies my appreciation for his ability to have calmed my exceedingly hot-temper — obsidian is cooled lava after all. The stone being in the shape of a gargoyle, this was chosen because I think they’re cute and protective. In a way, Vual is protecting me from my own bad energies, such as my tendencies to hold grudges forever or go scorched earth on a relationship or friendship in disrepair. It’s very difficult for me to trust someone again once hurt, but Vual has and continues to help immensely with this.

Anyway, regardless of which entity you choose to work with, I wish you the best.