Recreation of Solomon's vessel on other entities

I’ve pondered this idea before, Solomon created the vessel to contain the spirits of the 72 goetia to contain them.

My idea is to contain the Norse and Greek pantheons/Gods in such a vessel. To use the same concept of physical design but changing the names to more demonic origin and lock them away from the world.

Essentially, even the playing field for everyone.

What’s your thoughts?


Well, the story of Solomon is more allegorical than fact.

We magicians understand that demons, angels, and gods, are all multidimensional. We know from experience that a spirit can be simultaneously bound to an object, and summoned for a task by another magician on the other side of the world.

What would you seek to gain in doing this? In my opinion, it wouldn’t constrain the gods in any way, or prevent people from working with them so what would be the point?


To see if it would restrict these spirits. Story or not.


Gotcha. An interesting experiment indeed :slight_smile:


My thoughts on this is that all Spirits and Siddhis come directly from human Beings. So basically you would be starting a Witch War that you would not win for one simple fact: all people want freedom to live how they see fit, and the demonic Gods are the Heros that help with that.

And yes, the idea of Solomons vessel is allegorical.


The reason I would bind spirits to a Vessel is different than yours. Ive already done it, but will not release those secrets. It is Qlippothic knowledge. My reason for doing it is not to seal spirituallity away, but to bring it to this world in a tangible way.

Your funny. You sound like you have a grudge. Well, the truth is this world is filled with cults (and their spirits) that do all these things and mote. The 3 big religions is just one of many examples. Doing this is the equivalent of going against most of the world and its organizations and political leaders, etc. Good luck with that.


No grudge, only curiosity of taking away all the big players, the outcome

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An interesting experiment. Pm me?

Why not talk here? I prefer public record.

The Norse and Greek gods don’t demand that.


So would you attempt to contain them then?

Why would I is a better question.


I’ll be blunt, it doesn’t sound like you have a real reason for it. At some point, they will end up being released.


Do you need a reason to play with majik?

My reason is curiosity, to see if it is possible to lock them away from the world and if so, the effect on the world.


As if it were something to play with?

And curiosity kills the cat, was it?

On the note of worship, if people choose to subjugate themselves then that’s their problem. Ultimately, you’re dealing with spirits older and wiser than you or I. It’s not that easy.

Let’s trap you in a vase, would you like that?


So you don’t use majik?.. okay then.

If you do use majik, was there a point where you didn’t and curious about it?

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I didn’t say that. Now you’re jumping to conclusions.

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I said it’s not something you play with. It’s not a toy.



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