What is the best website to purchase a spirit bound jewlery?( Like the idea of having one with me pretty much alot lol)
What type of spirit is the best spirit to start off with ? And with that opinion or fact which one would be active or someone or something that’ll be open to communication?

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As far as I’ve heard, those items are just gateways to X or Y spirit and nothing else.

You won’t be able to communicate, no matter what, if your senses aren’t working/strong/open enough, so if you can’t hear/see spirits, I would sugest to start by developing the skills to do so.


@ReyCuervo is absolutely right, if you haven’t developed the psychic senses to be able to communicate with spirits unaided, then you won’t be able to develop ANY sort of relationship, let alone benefit from it.

That aside, there’s a big difference between a free-willed Spirit and a Servitor.

Think of it this way: YOU are a Spirit. Clothed in flesh, for the moment, but still a Spirit. Like any spirit, you can’t be quite confined to an item, or absolutely forced to remain by it. A Spirit is capable of combining its energy with the energy of other things to create Servitors, or work magick, and that energy will replenish itself. You can’t burn yourself out on Magick so hard that your spells will never work again. A Spirit will take energy from an offering as payment, and accomplish a task under its own power.

A Servitor, on the other hand, cannot create servitors. It has the energy it is given, and that energy does not replenish without outside assistance. They can be ordered to parasitize other things to replenish their reserves on their own, but it is not self-generating. Servitors will take the enrgy from your offerings, and use that energy to accomplish the task, because the energy you give them is the only energy they have.

Spirits are allies, Servitors are Slaves.
So, a piece of jewelry connected with a Spirit is a cell phone with only one number it can dial.
A Piece of Jewelry connected with a Servitor is a Leash and Collar.

For the very new, I always recommend the books The Un-Spell Book and Energy Essentials For Witches and Spellcasters, by Mya Om. They’re very user friendly, have a gentle learning curve, and The Un-Spell Book contains instructions on creating servitors and other thought constructs. You can do it yourself.

As for Spirit-Bound Jewelry, you could connect a piece of jewelry to any Spirit you’re familiar with. I wouldn’t recommend trying to bond such jewelry to a Spirit without permission, as this essentially makes you a telemarketer. There’s no guarantee of positive communications with a Spirit you don’t have a good relationship- they may well just put your calls on silent.

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You could create jewelry like that yourself , you don’t need to buy it .