Recieved this: what do you think it is?

Hey there all of you. I was going about enhancing my divination skill set a a few weeks a go. And I was more or less guided, my hand that is, as I did Automatic Writing except it developed into something else. I know the difference between automatic writing and channeling, which is what I understand is what it turned into. I revived this:

Since I am university student and in the spirit of free speech and as a student undertaking a somewhat scientific approach in the way I practice magick. I’d like for to help me figure out what this is, I have an idea since I channeled it, however I want to see if you get the same feeling that I did or if I somehow managed to screw it up.

So the question what is this image?

P.S pardon my drawing skills they are lousy. I will try to work on that.

All the power to you



My first reaction is sigil but I don’t know who’s lol. If you’re willing you can open it and see who is there?

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My thoughts exactly, I’ll reveal more about what I found out but I’ll wait and see if more people other than us say the same thing.

You haven’t seen my drawing skill then if you find this lousy.

Nope I haven’t. I guess I should take a look? ^^

What is your thoughts on this?

I am saying lousy because it’s asymmetric. :wink:

Well i see a bit of a trident in the Sigil (so Sigil yes). Trident we use in the Masks of Lucifer. As as so the the inverted pentagram

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But i don’t see this one in the book.

That’s from what I’ve been able to determine as well. So far so good. I’ve already been playing with this a little bit. But I want to see if more people on here arrive to the same conclusion as you and Aliya (sorry is I misspelled your name).

Looks like Satan is holding you up high on a pedestal which looks to me like it represents the energy system of your bodily temple. I feel like your choice to engage a more scientific approach is right and proper, so I respect and bless what you are doing. I seriously think this sigil is arising out of the satanic/light-bringing aspect of the omniverse, and your body/intellect or psycho-somatic response to the unconscious powers you’re tapping into is hypersensitive to the subtler processes undergone during a Kundalini awakening. Which is what I believe you are close to if not undergoing right now. For some it’s a life-long patient and gentle process, for others it’s instantaneous like a brute force kind of enlightenment.

Your unconscious obviously is very familiar with the geometry of enlightenment, so I would say this sigil is to be engraved or something into a special material. I think it’s special and you should frame it.


I’m actually grabing a lot of astrological signs and other symbols in it. But I agree a sigil.

I should add I see planetary symbols as well.


Thank you for your reply and also, it’s hard not to emply a scientific approach - considering I am an engineering student, that’s and the curse of such a personality, we want to explore and even simplfy and sometimes make things harder for ourselves than it needs be, this is esepcially true when undergoing magick, because you have to leave your analytical mind at the door when doing ritual and the like.
To stay and not stray from the topic, I find your thoughts incredibly interesting. I know of the trident it’s a symbol of related to Lucifer and Satan but also to some Ocean gods like The greek god Poseidon. What you are saying is actually really fascinating especailly since the one giving me this introduced himself and stated to which “avatar” it belongs.

You mentioned mentioned kundalini awakening I am working a lot on the meditation in the path of Smoke that raises DOHmar and DEHakh, the Kunda force. I don’t feel like I’ve undergone awakening yet, since I am partially underdeveloped in terms of seeing sprits with my eyes open but my spritual senses or slowly opening one by one. I am also working on strengthening my energy body to be able to handle the currents I am working with as of right now.

I will be sure to engrave it into wood for example, perhaps something like oak or birch would be a sutiable material you think?

I like it. I thought of the lower tree when I saw this


Cool! What kind of planteray symbols and signs do you see?

The lower tree of the Nightside or of the Dayside?

Birch sounds lovely.

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Well I see the Sun, an inverted Mucury and Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. Prity much all by Mars, Earth, Moon and Pluto for planetary symbols.

I see an urn or a water pitcher like that of Aquarius at the top.

An hour glass.

And a bit more if I took the time.

Nice. :slight_smile: It’s actually my favorite kind of tree to be honest.

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Ok, which one of the symbols show you that? And what more do you see?

I am honestly getting a strong Lucifer vibe here.


Sorry sent reply before I was done. Ok for the sun. Take out everything but the dot and the circle.

If you single things out you will see the others.

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