Receiving a Spirit's sigil in a dream (King Beleth)

Almost a year ago I evoked several Goetic Spirits seeking a specific result. The most complex and important of this ritual consisted in a full evocation of King Beleth using the ritual in Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick . Before carrying out this ritual I had spent some time familiarising with the figure of Beleth forming my own interpretation of her sphere and significance. On one occasion, out of despair, I smeared some of my blood on a drawing I had made of her Goetic sigil. I described my experience in detail in a previous post:

The result did not manifest. The petition was the same for all the Goetics I called on, and following these rituals I had no further contact with them. Except for Beleth.

About a month after the major ritual calling on Beleth, I had a dream that bore all the marks of something relevant to my previous working.

My dreams are usually very confused and foggy, but I am by no means new to premonitions in dreams (ranging from seeing scenes that later played out in reality to more symbolic instances) and spontaneous lucid dreaming. In these instances, the dreams and particularly the images are exceptionally vivid and the pacing is slower, allowing me to absorb the information they convey. That night, I dreamed of looking at myself in a tall mirror, I lifted my shirt and revealed an unusual sigil tattooed in red on my abdomen. The position itself is crucial as I had associated Beleth with the female womb and it was spot on; being a male, it was an even more striking connection to make. Furthermore, I have no tattoos, I never had an inclination to acquire one, and together with the position this is one of the elements that struck me the most upon awakening. That and the fact that, upon meditating on the sigil (which I shall not disclose), I recognised that it represented a complex sigillisation of all the aspects and meanings I had attributed to the figure of Beleth.

At first I panicked. While my experience with the Goetic Spirits was extremely positive and reassuring, I was terrorised of having been branded or worse, of having chained myself by Beleth with my blood tribute and my evocation of her. It took little to realise I was overreacting, giving into the superstitious bastardisation of the Goetics that my own ritual experiences disproved. I took note of the sigil and did nothing since I knew my petitions had gone unanswered and I did not feel bound to honour the promises of rewards made on the explicit condition that my petition be fulfilled. So I waited months and forgot about this whole affair, knowing that if something was to happen, if I was truly bound or wanted in some way, then something would happen.

Nothing happened. I did not lose respect for the Goetics, let alone for Beleth. If anything, I felt ecstatic at the idea that I was in some way contacted by her. And now my impression is that the sigil I saw was in some way her calling card, that she had sent me that image not necessarily to brand me or summon me, but to give me a way of meditating more on her and contacting her again if and when I happened to desire it, if and when I was ready to do so.

I would greatly appreciate if you could offer me your opinion and interpretation of these events, and in particular whether you think my own interpretation of the dream is incorrect or incomplete. I know that my own feelings about the dream are as important as the images themselves, but I would greatly appreciate any opinion or advice. In any case, I have chosen to share my story in the hope that it may be useful to someone just like many other stories on this forum have been useful for me.