Evoking Beleth: what is the experience usually like?

So I attempted to contact Beleth on multiple occasions and the results have been…mixed.

My first attempt happened spontaneously out of sheer desperation (I was a total magick noob, I made peace with that), I just drew her sigil, made a supplication with surprising composure despite my emotional turmoil, pricked my ring-finger with a needle and smeared my blood on the paper. I must add I had also drawn Sallos’ sigil on the same sheet and called on him too, but Beleth was my main objective and Sallos just slid out of my mind.
It felt strange. I suddenly calmed down and felt as if someone was acknowledging my petition as if they already knew about it, but I definitely felt somebody was listening to me. I serenely thanked the spirits and closed the communication, walking away with a great sense of calm over me.
It was my first stab at demonic contact, and it was surprisingly pleasant.

Fast forward to the present, the request to be presented remains the same, but I have put some serious effort in learning evocation methods and collected several successful contact experiences using the rituals in Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick.
I have attempted to contact Beleth using two of Winterfield’s rituals: a simple petition for results and a more complex connective evocation.
The petition was…okay. The ritual went really well until it came to contacting Beleth. I spoke the call and took a few seconds to recollect before calling her name aloud, and right when I finally spoke the name my building’s intercom rang, which got me to laugh out loud. I felt a circle around my head and pain in my back, I felt a presence…but no distinct feeling of Beleth’s personality. In my other evocation I could just feel the spirit’s character and was pervaded with a sense of their energy, but with Beleth I just feel my own energy as the caster. Still, I felt my petition was heard and left with a sense of mild satisfaction.

So I chose to try the more intricate connective evocation, performed all the steps, got to feel the presence and a strong tingling in my third eye area but, once again, could not feel a distinct personality coming forth; I just felt my own energy as the caster.
Out of frustration, I switched from my usual welcoming and reverent approach to a more authoritarian approach, mindful of @Norski’s amazing advice:

I felt a huge surge of power and just issued my petition as a command. I explained my attitude to Beleth and felt no indignation or resistance, just pure power on my part and what I guess was acknowledgement on hers. This sensation carried on through the rest of the ritual and after it was complete, later dispelling as is usual for me. But still: no trace of Beleth’s personality.

So my doubt now is whether I have issues perceiving Beleth / she refuses to be perceived by me or if I am just failing to realise that her energy feels exactly like what I normally pick up during rituals: a sense of power, of authority, and of calm.
What is your experience of Beleth like? What is your opinion regarding my (maybe just perceived) difficulties? Thanks!


Thank you for your honesty. I like reading real posts like this. I know this might sound trite, but there’s really only 1 important question regarding the success or lack thereof of a ritual.

Did you get the result?

I feel that too many get caught up in the ritual itself and whether or not the demon posts. That’s fun and all, but I care about getting what I want at the end of the day.
So…Has the result manifested in your life? That’s how you know for sure if Beleth was there.


First of all thank you for your kind words! I see this forum as a place of collective learning from experience and indeed mistakes, so hiding the truth would have just defeated the purpose of my post in my view.

Your question is by no means trite: it’s the only way of knowing for sure if it worked, and I appreciate it.
Anyway no, the result has not manifested, at least not yet.
If you piece together my post history it would take you very little to piece together the trouth about what I’m up to. I contacted Agares, Sallos and Dantalion to the same end, so we’re dealing with the controversial goal of bringing back an ex. The sheer amount of magick I have thrown at it surprises me, I’d say there have been some mixed results (he resurfaced in an ambiguous way but seemed more keen on building a friendship) and I will be attempting a constructive confrontation in the real world hoping that all the magick I channeled and the spirits I called upon deliver.

The thing is the more I delve into the occult and daemonology to fulfill this intention, the more I come to love it and to make it a part of my life. So while the manifestation of the result still matters greatly to me, my posts are for the most part field reports on my occult experiments aimed at cross-checking my work with other people’s experience and sharing my experience for the benefit of the community.
This was just to explain my usual emphasis on the experience of contact with a spirit rather than the practical aspects of the magick, I hope it makes sense.

Thank you so much for your kind reply and for sharing your take on evocation!

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Beleth is lovely! a powerful Goddess of Love and brings the perfect lover to the witch :heart:


So I’ve heard…and sometimes I feel that asking for the return of a specific person may not be the perfect course of action…but the heart wants what it wants, and if the spirits are willing to help, they would only by providing what is asked of them…leaving the petition “open” is definitely a good idea: fate, gods and spirits often know better. But the soul itself is divine, and when it speaks with such clarity, one can only oblige…I have faith in Queen Beleth, she may have not spoken to my, but she heard me and listened to my plea. :pray:t3:

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That is totally sure about hearing the plea. Beleth is everything about powerful love and unforgettable love :heart:

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Thank you, it really means a lot to me :pray:t3: :hearts:

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I thought Beleth was a King? Ah well- doesn’t matter. I’ve thrown a lot of magick at someone over the last year. Way too much in fact. And I’m not going to shy away from this, but the ethics and morals involved with what I’ve been doing have been questionable at best. Legal of course- she’s in her 30’s, but questionable. I have evoked all of the Demons at different times that you mention.

The problem with that is I really don’t know what worked. Some definitely did. I’ve overcome insurmountable odds and brought her right to the doorstep, and then I inexplicably shut the metaphorical door in her face. I don’t know if I’m afraid of the success or what. Or if this has been about a deep seated revenge on my part the whole time. Belial, Zepar, and Gremory are the ones that have kind of stuck around me.

The Belial/ Zepar combo may have been what caused my inexplicable behavior. I’ve been getting strong messages to quit fucking grovelling for this woman and quit putting her on a pedestal. I’ve read and heard that when you deal with these two, you need to be ready to get dirty.

Anyways, I’m mentioning all this because you and Rav’s talk of Beleth seemed the polar opposite of my approach lately. It’s just that more I work with and get to know Belial, the more I feel the uncontrollable urge to say fuck you to ANYONE who doesn’t want me:) And that’s across the board; work- everywhere. And people are noticing this in a positive light - not negative at all. IIt’s a facinating and worthwhile journey to be on!


Yes Beleth is definitely a King in rank, but since they often chose a feminine appearance/demeanor many refer to them as Queen and use feminine pronouns. Or did some typing mistake of mine confuse you? I’m sorry, when I write here I get really fired up and often make mistakes :grin:

First of all, thank you so much for sharing your experience, it’s really interesting.
To be completely honest, nobody has any right to blame you for the morality of your spellwork, and there’s just no doubt that when love is involved morality just flies off the window: “all is fair in love and war”. I definitely started with a fuzzy “love and light” approach and over the course of the past year (it’s been a year since our breakup) I started bending and breaking the rules that I had fashioned for myself and which therefore were simply arbitrary. I learned so much, and it is so enlightening and empowering, so I totally get the feeling of self-respect and self-sovereignty you describe, and from what I read Belial is simply the best at this kind of spiritual growth.
So excellent job, be proud of yourself!!

With respect to your story, it is excellent and amazing that your intention manifested, at least in some form. I do not wish to intrude your interpretation of your life, but it may also help if you consider the possibility that the fact that you ended up closing yourself to the opportunity that you thought you needed may also signify that what you really needed was the spiritual growth you went through thanks to your magickal work. Perhaps the woman in question was not really going to add to your life but the paradoxes you find in your own behaviour may provide you with inspiration for further spiritual work. Or they may not, it’s all up to your own feeling of comfort with your own being and of ownership and pride concerning your own life.
As much as I regret my own breakup, I know for certain that had it not happened I would have missed on an evolution that I had begged to happen for years. Resorting to magick stems from the thought that, if there is something I can do to take all authority and power in my own hands, then that’s what I want to happen. And then it’s all up to God or whomever in his stead.

Turning to the spirits you summoned, you definitely picked some interesting individuals, I can only have admiration for you. I don’t fear spirits but I am still building the confidence to confront tricky ones, Beleth is the highest-ranking and most complex I have approached and, as you can see, I still need to get a grip on that kind of energy.
Belial alone takes you for a ride, I haven’t contacted him yet but I probably will, only it would be for career/power-related questions. I have read that while he does have quite a lot of power over women (and unfortunately I’m trying to re-capture a man) he’s not very keen on romantic stuff.
Beside Belial, you called on Zepar and Gremori, and while I don’t know much about them I always got the feeling they’re quite wild and fiery in terms of personality and behaviour, is that right? If so, again, my compliments for your resolve.

I totally get your perplexity at Rav’s view of Beleth, which I totally respect and admire although I haven’t experienced it for myself. Each magus’ experience of a spirit can be reasonably different from others’, Rav’s experience of Beleth is by no means uncommon and it’s just beautiful that they’ve had such an amazing experience with the spirit. I would say Belial is another kind of creature altogether, and again, your surge of empowerment is just gorgeous and makes absolute sense.

And this is precisely the point I was getting at: I am struggling with it myself, but the more I spend my time doing magick and loving it, reading/talking to people here and loving it, the more this appears to be true. So go for it, friend, be your own master!

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Well it was a 7 days energy work to get the best love and Sex expirience ever. And it was awesome and unforgettable. The friendship lasted some months but there is more to it cause the thing is i don’t want to commit

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That’s just beautiful, I am happy that your intention manifested in such a glorious way.
The other aspects of the event matter, but only to a certain extent. You unlocked this incredible part of your existence, savoured it while it lasted, and it still enriches your journey.
Thank you so much for sharing it :pray:t3:

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Belial’s all about bringing down barriers and walls and breaking chains (limitations if you prefer a gentler term)- at least that’s been my experience. And that he has done that. Her resistance to me and the other magick I worked dropped. I’m still mystified at my actions and where they came from- but 'm pretty sure they came from the big guy. I feel like he’s forcing me to live with the results of my actions now with no outlet. I.e. reversing course and groveling before HER is simply not an option. I can’t even think about working more magic on her. It makes me want to vomit even thinking about it. I keep wanting to apologize for my actions this past week and I want to vomit. The only path for me to walk without vomiting is away from her. I just can’t explain it. But I love it too. Bring on the pain!

AS far as Zepar- just read Norski’s write up on Zepar if you are interested. Not for the weak of heart. If you care at all about morality as it relates to love/lust…don’t bother.

There’s 1 more element to this that’s worth mentioning. I am simply horrible with lusting for results. This vomiting thing might be a message to quit that shit and have some self respect. Good conversation here!

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Ya know…like “get out of the way and let us work” type of thing! And oh by the way- learn this while your at it!

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I am so curious to see where all this will lead you, you can totally feel a huge evolution taking place. I trust that a year from now you’ll be your only master and will rule your inner empire like a charm. Belial is certainly doing his thing with his usual astounding majesty.

I really wouldn’t know what to say in relation to the woman and your attitude towards her, you’re getting the strongest gut feeling and you must honour it no matter what, it’s your best and perhaps only metre of judgement in these matters, particularly when magick is involved. I am having the exact opposite feeling with my target, what I call “a sense of fate” that is so strong it resurfaced despite my best attempts at stifling it and it’s just ruling me. I just feel and know it is meant to me, it sounds like a delusion but divination and contact with spirits only confirmed my impression throughout the year.
So yeah, I wouldn’t know if this counts as “lust for result”…I just perceive his absence and feel the world is not as it should be, and every time I pray and practice this overwhelming certainty that he will come back and stay resurfaces and gets me to work more and so on, in a feedback loop that brings me to grow as a magician and love every single moment of it. Perhaps I get desperate at times, but then again they put me back into a state of pure faith with themselves, it’s like being out with your older siblings who just smother you with love and want the best for you. It’s moving really.

Oh absolutely! And it’s just so beautiful how they do their thing both outside and inside of you, changing the shape of the world and of your thoughts to make everything flourish. They really have their way of making your life whole beside just fulfilling your desires. I just mention my end goal - always the same - perhaps explaining what power of theirs made me think calling on them was appropriate, and when I set them free I just feel they will sort everything out. It feels strange to say after waiting a year and practising for six months, but the more I grow into this the more it stuns me.

Yeah Zepar is one of the spirits I am not sure I would ever call upon for a petition, perhaps I may end up contact him just out of curiosity, but in any case it’s nice to have him in the neighbourhood. It’s same with curses I guess: you wish you will never need to cast one, but it’s still comfortable to have a good curse grimoire in your library just in case.

Why not! See, that may well be Belial just showing you how you should feel, which is as shocking as it is amazing. These spontaneous changes in attitude are the mark of their work, it’s a thing of beauty.

Indeed! I get a bit of impostor syndrome at times being a novice, but I try really hard and love to hear about other people’s experiences. It’s not just the knowledge you gain, reading how other people had success, say, with Sallos, really pushed me to go for it, and I had a really cool experience! Aside from getting the result, I am really fired up about the booze party I promised to him and the others, it would be worth all this effort already by itself :grin:

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It’s been a few months…have you gotten your desired results?

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Dear all, many thanks for your kind replies to my post. It has been almost a year and I have come back with some updates on these rituals. The result has not manifested, but I believe Beleth may have reached out about a month later. Here is my post on the developments: