Receding hairline

During the years at my 20s I have lost more and more hair at the top because of receding hairline which is genetic from my father’s side of family. Is there spells or spirits that can restore my hair? Some of you who have experiences with that?


Spells for physical changes work better when used in a preventive manner, but my experiences in this particular subject are mostly related with anti-aging effects (and I do look significantly younger than my years). However, since you are already seeing changes that you dont enjoy,
finasteride can do a great job.


Ask Buer to make the vitamins you take for hair loss to work, perhaps`?


I don’t take any medicine for hair loss.

Try this. Only use if you don’t have problems with epilepsy or seizures.


Do you think you can find that rune?

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Yeah, a woman can never get too thick hair


Male pattern baldness is often due to the build-up of norestosterone in the scalp. If you want to restore your hair, then try to do it first without magic - with the help of nortestosterone blockers in the form of special lotions. You can also try starting hormone replacement therapy, but it is expensive and will turn you into a woman, however, it is extremely effective.

Well, as for magic and spirits, then any medical spirits can help you, in my personal top these are Verrine, Marbas and Raphael. You can try the ritual of asking and asking all three spirits to help you with your hair.


I can invoke both angels and demons on the same time?

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First for something less serious
Then for some real advice:
First make sure you are getting enough nutrients, massage your scalp when you wash your hair and get checked out to see you don’t have a hidden medical condition causing it (the receding hairline/hair loss). Then if all else fails try magick.


Another pretty good option nowadays is to get an SMP tattoo done, I’m pretty much bald on top and had it done a few years back. The effect is so realistic it fooled my mother into thinking my hair had grown back. The only drawback is the need to buzz it down every three days to maintain the effect.

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It’s nothing but blood flow, that’s why you still have hair on the side of your head.

Do hand stands or the thing fighter pilots do.

Or just do fue transplant for 20k

Yes, you can. And they can even complement each other with their strengths. Although, there are exceptions, and it is not worth calling for example Raphael and Azazel at the same time, because it is believed that they are irreconcilable enemies, besides them, other similar couples are known, such as Orobas and Michael and a number of other spirits. But those whom I have named do not seem to have contradictions.

Azazel can restore my hair? What about the planet Venus now we are in the waxing moon?

He is extremely powerful and versatile. Of course you can ask for it, but such spirits can and will be asked for more. Basically, E.A. in “Azazel’s book” has a list of spirits that serve in his kingdom, and there seem to be healing spirits there. You can perform a ritual of conjuring these spirits, at the same time as asking Azazel.

There is no way I can use my own power of magick?

Is hair loss connected to vitamins?

Hair loss can be caused by ingesting too much caffeine as well as a sugar heavy diet. Try cutting out caffeine and sugar for at least a month, and make sure you get a lot of sleep and drink plenty of water. pattern baldness can actually be reversed, in some cases!

Make these lifestyle changes, in conjunction with magick. I feel like It could definitely work.


Wow that’s something new to my eyes & ears. The bit about caffeine, I’m betting that if I never heard that before very few other people have. I like learning new stuff, that’s new to me so thanks for posting about a link between caffeine and hair loss.

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Hair loss can be related to many things, not enough antioxidants, not enough protein, too much sugar and caffeine, too acidic of blood, hormonal.
It is genetically connected to your mothers father, so if he is bald then you will be too if living the same life style. Extra blood flow would help, also this scalp treatment I know for hair, kerastase densifique, works well, there is one made especially for men. rosemary mixed with castor and olive oil, twice a week massaged can bring hair back that fell because of diet and understimulation. Whatever you lost can definitely be restored by these methods, no magick but good thoughts needed.