Reasons why a curse wouldn't work

If I try curse someone and fail what could be the reasons? Considering the persons is not a magician so doesn’t have any special protection.
Did I do something wrong? I heard many saying that what really matters is if you truly believes in yourself, in your magik and if you put enough hatred on it. Cause you need feel magik. Is that right?


There are many reasons a curse can fail.

Just because your target isn’t a magician, doesn’t mean he can’t have protection. Some people can simply be naturally protected. A person’s ancestors, or guardian spirits, or even his Higher Self, can deflect a baneful attack, regardless if the individual believes they exist or not. Someone does not have to be consciously aware of this protection for it to stop an attack.

For example, I have a shield around me that was put in place by my Higher Self when I was young, and I had no idea it was there. It stops anything harmful sent my way and I’m not even usually aware of it.

Another reason a curse might not work is simply that your hatred of the target wasn’t enough to overcome the target’s Will to live.


Protective spirits, a failed ritual, or they simply believe they cannot be cursed.


On top of all that, some people with strong energy heal faster than the curse can work.


I have seen curses hit a elderly family member. Just becuase the curse did not show up as you had dreamt It does not mean its not felt. Hell has many scenes honey sometimes or demons like to play with their food before they consume it.


In my cause it was their ancestors protecti ng them, I actually called on mine to assist with this i called a closed door committee explaining why thst person needed punishing.

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Usually it is because a person’s protections are stronger than your curse. Even if they don’t practice magic they can have protections they are not aware of. Employ more powerful curses, hurl a ton of them at the person if need be. If that doesn’t work as intended go around and hit the people around them and their life in general, that will undermine them on multiple levels.

Sometimes a strong opponent must be whittled down little by little before their final defeat. Anyone, but the persons with immensely powerful protections (and those are extremely rare), can be affected with black magic providing you employ methods that are powerful enough. You can even hit those with such protections by hitting their surroundings and attacking them by proxy. Be creative, analyze the life of your target, see the weak points and hit them hard.

Civilizations were cast down by going after their allies first, in this case their surroundings are their allies, hit them with everything you got.


God you people are awesome

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I have cursed an atheist and oh what a delight… they had dreams of me outside their window. hacking away at their animals in a sacrifice. Idiots - I would hack them before I did the Animals in.

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Can you explain step by step i want to curse someone