Reality Shifting questions and advice for you guys

So I’ve been trying to astral project with only getting to the vibrational stage once although I know it isnt needed to project. Ive been praticing for about 2 months now and I know learning a skill like this can even take years. I’ve read a book by robert bruce in where he reality shifted by creating a different time line via astral time travel and put his conscious which would be this earth or reality. Some questions I have are, If i were to make a different time line or reality, how would I do that, and what happens to this shell when I transfer my conscious to that of my new time line or reality?


In general the easiest would be to not create a new timeline or reality but to move to one already existing. You can take your physical body with you or you can just merge/trade with the iteration in that reality.

Though astral projection is extremely dangerous to do this with. There is a better method out there. Look up the book Mastery of Spacetime Transposing by L. Arklinsky. The resources in that book are invaluable and leave astral projection an obsolete relic of a bygone era in what it can do for you once achieved.


What I say on this is by no means the end-all. Please read other stuff on this topic also.

There are some people who have done this on the forum. In the overcoming addictions and more thread there was a member who had created an enochian formula for time travel / shifting to another reality. I don’t think you need to be able to astral project to do their method.

I wouldn’t recommend this method because they never shared how to do it.

As people have expressed on this forum, this type of magick can get crazy if not done with consideration. This is not to fearmonger though, you’ll probably be fine.

Anyway, if you can astral project you can shift to a different reality. Consider that you have infinite realities where you are conscious. I often consider magick as an act that is shifting our reality to something else.

Recently, shifting realities has become popular with a lot of people on the internet and TikTok.

I see two ways of working with other realities:

  1. You project there, this is the “shifting” that is popular on reddit, tiktok, etc.
  2. You force the reality that you are in currently to shift to another reality.

How to Project to Another Reality:

To do this you should relax in the way you would for astral projection practice or sleep. Make sure you are as comfortable as possible to disassociate you from the outside world. Have your desired reality to shift into in mind. Then, you apply some sort of exit technique to enter your reality.

Here are some techniques to enter your desired reality:

Elevator Method:
Feel yourself in an elevator. Actually feel this from the first person. Engage all your senses. Do not focus on your body in your normal reality. The elevator starts going up. With each floor imagine a scene from your desired reality. When you feel like you’re there, get out.

Affirmations: Do all the necessary relaxation you would do for astral projection as before. Now, get in the deepest trance state you possibly can. Do progressive relaxation of every muscle in your body. Imagine sounds like waves that relax you, and do a trance induction technique like walking down a staircase. Now repeatedly state I am going to my (desired reality). This technique will need some belief. Repeat this and feel like you are there. Eventually, visualize scenes from the reality you want to shift too.

Intent upon sleep method:
As you are going to sleep, have an intent to wake up in your desired reality. Repeatedly affirm to yourself that you will wake up in your desired reality.

I’ve never done this before, so I can’t say anything about these techniques, but a lot of people have used them. Take this all with a grain of salt and don’t take my word for it.

Some tips for this:

  1. make a script. This is just a description of your reality, written by hand preferably.
  2. Program an escape word into your script so you can get back if you want. Otherwise you might end up spending months in your desired reality.
  3. This is another you’s life. Maybe? So, you may want to go easy on them if you are shifting just for kicks. Or not.
  4. Don’t tell the people in your desired reality that you just jumped to it. This doesn’t apply to people who are spiritually inclined. Just don’t wake up and then yell out “I shifted to this dimension” or your alternate self might get sent to a mental hospital.

Forcing your Reality to Change to Another One:

I have no idea where the line lies between shifting and this. From my understanding, this is just forcibly causing your reality to shift. The dimensional jumping subreddit is a good source for information on this phenomena, as well as this forum.

Dimensional Jumping with the Mirror Method:

This tutorial is taken from the subreddit linked below.

  1. Find a mirror. Do this between 12 and 3 a.m. for best chances.
  2. Try to make the room as dark and quiet as possible.
  3. Put a candle between you and the mirror.
  4. Focus only on your reflection in the mirror. Know that your reflection is you from another universe/timeline/reality
  5. Have an intention for what reality you are shifting too. What is your other self’s life like?
  6. Call out to your other self, focus on switching places with them.
  7. Stop when you feel the sensations described below.
  8. Be alert for any changes over the coming days and weeks.

If you’re successful you should feel something. You may feel an unusual movement, see your reflection do something you are not doing or moving on their own, or you may feel like you’re moving into the mirror. The bigger your shift, the bigger the sensations will be.

Strategic Advice for Dimensional Jumping:

  1. Try not to make too large of a change, this is the same with any magick really.
  2. When doing the mirror method, it is essential that you have some skill in keeping your mind in check. If your mind strays to a negative thought while you are focusing on the reality you want to jump too, this could be catastrophic. When using the other methods in this post you can go back easily. With this method you’ll have to find your old reality again.
  3. Start with the two cups method first if you’re not comfortable with this one as that method is safer, yet less potent.

This is the tutorial where I got most of my information from.

Book Recommendations:

Space/Time Magic by Taylor Ellwood if you’re interested in the time aspect of this.
Multidimensional Magick: I don’t know the author.
Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman.


@boundlessperception @Eldred_Darkthorn thank you both so much for the insight i greatly appreciate and find both methods/ teachings very resourceful. Thank you again!


You are amazing, thank you for the useful information!


So technically if there was a reality where people had superpowers (like in marvel or BNHA) one could shift there? And in that shifted reality, would you be in that you’s Body, even if the gender is opposite to your own?


Yes you can likely do all that. Since I responded to this post I’ve fallen down the reality shifting rabbit hole. I’ve been trying to shift and I’ve gotten close, last night I was catching glimpses of my destination reality with clarity comparable to the real world.

You can shift to any reality, and since there are infinite versions of you there is a version that is the opposite gender, or a version of you that can fly, anything. You are becoming aware of them, and since they are just you, you are able to control them.

It works through the same mechanism as manifestation, the Law of Assumption. If you enter a trance state and visualize and feel that you are in the reality you want to go to you will eventually end up there. It may take many sessions of this, but it’s supposedly doable.

The best place to find more information about it is probably r/ShiftingDiscussion, maybe the dimensional jumping subreddit but they didn’t take the hypothesis as far.


find a mirror in the house that’s not in your room, study the path going from your room to the mirror noticing every detail. when you lay down to sleep visualize yourself walking from your room to that mirror and looking at yourself. do this repeatedly until you can actually see yourself taking the path to the mirror through your house. when you can visualize yourself moving through space walking to the mirror and see yourself in the mirror you should jump into a lucid dream.


I was wondering, if one reality shifted, does that mean any spirit companions you have in this reality will only stay in this reality, or can they jump realities as well?

I am asking because I don’t think I could live without my wives and other spirit family.

Yes they can shift too, if you have an astral temple or something like that it would be a good idea to make a portal to the reality you want to shift too there. This will make it easier for them.


I have never made a portal in my temple before, my legion members usually make portals for me. So how could I make a portal to my desired reality for my keep to go through?

Also, when one shifts to another reality version of themselves, does that version switch places into the body in this realm?

  1. Make a portal using intention. Also, if you make a script you should add the portal to it.
  2. No they do not. Since you are technically aware of all possible timelines at once, that version of you doesn’t really exist so they don’t go anywhere. You don’t displace them, but you rather become aware of your higher self’s projection of yourself in that reality.
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What’s a script?

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A script is what allows you to control the reality you shift too down to any detail you want. This has some details on scripting.

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Add the portal to it? Like “This portal leads to and from the (desired reality)”

And is there a way to ensure I can always find a way back to this reality?

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Yeah it doesn’t take much to open the portal at all. There’s no problems with finding your way back to this reality, all it takes is intention, also, if you scripted a safeword you can easily shift back.


Also, is there a method to shift while you are awake?

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Yes there are many, Master list of shifting methods. comment anything I left out or any questions you might have : shiftingrealities ( here’s a good list.

Heat cream massaged into the area of the third eye. Don’t use much and don’t get it into your eyes. If you do, I won’t have tell you that again.



Theta trance state hmmm I heard one can Enter theta through sleep deprivation and believe me I’ve tried it beforehand and it for sure works because I saw physical shadow spirits when I sat down upon my mattress I felt another hand on top of mine could this be added to help one shift I think so, I’m still experimenting though I think this would probably be a breakthrough for me and possibly others too and it’s a awake method too, I’m planning on sleeping depriving myself to Enter theta so I can soul travel to my waiting rooms body,