Real Money Spell $500 Works 9 out of 10 times

It also confuses me, they say that the wallet to attract money must be red, and green candles are used in rituals.

Traditionally, it was because green represented the abundance of nature. It has nothing to do with the colour of American currency.


Oh, makes sense, glad I asked. Thank you for your answer!

It’s worked for me 20 times over again and I put a picture of the type of candle i use each time.
Also while rubbing your hands over the flame make sure you feel the heat and tingles, then say your chant and yes let the candle burn out completely if it does not burn out but fast or half way you’ll have to redo the spell with a new candle.


I’m totes doing this

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My candle didn’t last for more than two minutes before blowing out. Do I repeat this?
Also are we to say the chant once or severally?

Yes Michellekabod repeat the ritual. Also My advice to anyone who has this issue, candle burns out right away is, too hold the candle before lighting it, and charge it up with your $500 intention before you start the ritual spell. The spell only requires a one time chant but you can repeat it while the candle is burning to power it up. That may help keep the flame going.


Thank you very much blond.

I don’t have a short candle like yours. It is dark green and not green tea green.
It is about four inches long.i pray it works.

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dont matter the size of the green candle i just us smaller takes less time to burn


Thank you very much.

I did it this time sucesssfully. The candle didn’t blow it.

I rubbed my palms together above the smoke,my palms become very warm but I didn’t feel any tingling sensation when rubbing both palms,I only felt heat.

Please is the tingling sensation compulsory?

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Hello! Tell me about how many days later the money appeared?

I don’t remember exactly, I didn’t get the full amount at once, the first part a few days later, the second a few days after that. The other person received a few days later more than requested.

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Hi! Can several people from the same household make a spell, for example, a week apart?

Thank you for the speedy reply! Tell me, did you say during the ritual exactly 500 dollars or the amount in your national currency at the exchange rate?

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I said 500 Croatian kuna, which is much less than 500 dollars, but it is not such a small amount in our country that it can easily come in an unexpected way.


That is, it turns out that I have to call 500 but only in my own currency?

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Hello Blonde! The fact is that my currency is not the dollar. In this case, I must definitely name exactly 500 in my currency, or the resulting amount at the rate of the dollar?

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I put it in my head like this, I will try it in an easier and safer way with the number 500 first, so when I am convinced it will be easier for me to switch to the full amount of $ 500, although we will soon switch to the euro.

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I understood you. And I said the word dollar during the ritual and now I don’t know if something will work out or not.


It doesn’t matter who else in your house hold is doing a spell, as long as its not interfering with yours, many witches live together, and preform different spells, in the same house hold a day. I never had a problem, with people I live with, doing other spells, same day, we always just kept them apart. We waited till each other was done performing a spell, gave a few hours and did theirs after. Now if your all doing the same spell, best you don’t think about the others spell, cause it can cause a block or cause to fail for them.