Reading request

Would anyone like to give me a reading please?
I would like to know what stops me from manifesting the things that I want
And I would like a love reading regarding someone I am interested in.
I would happily exchange it with a love tarot reading if you would like.( that’s all I know about tarot. I am a beginner)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Blessings or Infernal blessings to everyone

Reminder to anyone wishing to reply:

Please bear this in mind, many thanks! :+1:


Sure, feel free to email or pm me here.

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Thank you I am trying to send a private message it says you do not accept messages at the moment

[email protected]

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Messaged you :+1:

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Perfect, ill look at it and take it from there.

Do you prefer runes or Tarot?

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I feel that tarot can give more answers to my questions.
However if you feel you want to involve runes too I leave it up to you.

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I forgot to put subject on my email. I hope it won’t go on your spam folder :see_no_evil:

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I got the email, no worries

I can do that :+1:


I can’t see the reading :’(
Did you send it?


So I have done the reading but I have not sent it just yet. I’m having issues with my laptop.

However, your suspicions are correct regarding the first inquiry. Once I get my laptop back up and running I will email over the details.


Or if you’d like I can just put it here and get to the point instead imof getting into details. Up to you.

Can’t you not pm me? I don’t want the relationship reading for everyone to see

How is your laptop? Did you fix it?

Yes, just today :slight_smile:

I will circle back with you in PM