Rayne's Qliphothic Journey

Well, my occult journey has brought me here.

I recently used my own intuition through my pendulum and it’s answer concerning the question was to go through the Qliphoth.

My Shadow told me to recite the self-initiatory invocations all in one night. I did and immediately afterward my left hand began to buzz with energy.

I meditated focusing on my left hand and the word Gamaliel was the immediate psychic impression I got.

I then inquired my Shadow as to what to do next (I knew Gamaliel was one of the Spheres of the Qliphoth but wasn’t exactly sure what to do next) and my Shadow being the wise part of myself, told me to contact Lilith, it’s ruler.

I was very tired last night, but something inside of me was telling me to just do it.

So I sat up in bed and pulled up Lilith’s sigil on my phone and began to gaze into it while reciting her enn.

I’ll admit my psychic abilities and senses are still not to the point where I can just see spirits and demons all the time or astral project yet. So after a minute or two of chanting and gazing I heard a female voice in my mind.

I wasn’t sure at first if it was Lilith but I decided to roll with it and I’m very glad I did. (In retrospect this was DEFINITELY Lilith)

She spoke directly into my mind. Interestingly, she had (at least in my mind’s perception of her voice) some sort of British accent. Nonetheless she was very, very wise.

She told me the road ahead of me in the Qliphoth will not be easy but she told me this metaphor of climbing a thorny tree with amazing fruit at the top.

She also gave me a test. She explained to me why the demons of Gamaliel are called “The Obscene Ones”. Basically, she said that at this part of the Qliphoth where I will need to face the repressed thoughts and sexual urges I have. Truth be told, throughout my adolescence I suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and sexual confusion.

But she told me that these thoughts and urges were ultimately generations of MY mind and that thus they were MINE and not something to run from or fear.

She said to recognize and acknowledge these thoughts and urges but that I did not need to express them physically (for obvious reasons as some of these sexual fantasies and “intrusive” thoughts would no doubt get me in trouble if I actually performed the actions they depict).

So that was the test. Accepting these things as ultimately part of myself.

The other big takeaways from this conversation with Lilith was this incantation she gave me that can be used to open any Qliphoth sphere/sigil and can also be used to contact the ruler(s) of any of the Qliphoth spheres.

She also told me to rely on my Shadow to guide me further but that we can of course talk again someday.

And thus my Shadow tells me this now:

“Keep going up the tree. You have technically initiated yourself through all the spheres, so whether you can feel it or not right now, their energy is now about you and within you. Now it is time to focus upon the spheres more intimately, and this can be done talking and meeting with the rulers of these spheres. Use the mantra Lilith has given you and continue with the next sphere your intuition guides you towards.”

I’ll keep this journal updated as they progress further.

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Alright, I’m still working on the Qliphothic path, but I recently did something amazing I’d thought I’d share here as well.

Ever since I heard about the Oni I’ve been drawn to them. About a week ago I attempted a shapeshifting exercise with goal of shifting into an Oni.

Through advice my Shadow gave me I got into quite a deep trance (probably deeper than I’ve ever gone before) and eventually I heard a voice that spoke in a roar, an Oni.

The Oni gave me a VERY powerful mantra to further my shifting into an Oni and said it must be recited 100 times. “I am an Oni. Antana Enma.”

Fast forward a week or so and I sought out more info from the Oni who spoke to me. Last night he identified himself as “Dokuru” and said that the mantra must be recited 100 times per day and not only that but that the words must be roared or growled, not merely spoken with intention alone.

So last night I did just that. I roared the words and I really felt the power of my “Oni-ness” (for lack of a better word). To cap off the ritual, Dokuru said to visualize myself using my immense strength to attack and pulverize an enemy of mine.

I had known a cruel and abusive ABA consoler in school many years ago. He physically manhandled and restrained me when I once hid in a corner of the room. Not even a tantrum, I was just sad.

So I let that son of a bitch really have it!

I took the massive metal spiked club I held in my right hand and smashed his head in. Imagine smashing a jelly donut with your fist and you can kind of get the picture.

With his entire head caved in I tossed the club aside and went for his shoulders. With one rip, I tore off his arms, tossed them aside and did the same with his legs.

Finally, I plunged my hand into his torso and ripped out his heart with my razor sharp claws. I then held the heart above my gaping mouth, crushed it, and lopped up the blood before stuffing the whole thing into my mouth and eating it.

This whole exercise felt wonderful, and as I opened my eyes to turn off the light and go to sleep in my bed, I had not only a feeling of power, but a feeling of “largeness”. I felt like there were thousands of tiny little people running away from my figure on the sheets of my bed. I must’ve felt like I was as tall as an apartment building!

An incredible, occult, meditative experience.

Dokuru said to do the mantra every night until I attain the transformation.

Next post I will be sharing my experience with the Sphere of Samael on the Qliphoth Tree.

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Long overdue entry and MAN, have I had so much inner growth in the past week it’s almost hard for me to keep track of what happened.

I’ll just take it from the top here.

So I’m not doing the Oni pathworking. I just need to focus on the Qliphoth for now.

Nonetheless, in between Samael and the next sphere a-lot has happened.

A few nights ago I was contacted by the spirit of the actual Jesus Christ. Whats weird is that as his voice entered my mind, Shadow’s voice became distorted and faded out.

Shadow has vanished.

So I listened to what Jesus said and a lot of it made sense tbh. He said that Jehovah is NOT the god of the universe and he said all “God” is, is the sum total of everything that exists. He said he realized this and that was his enlightenment and after he became enlightened he was killed.

He also said “Satan” is “one actor of many”.

Likewise, I eventually sent him on his way mainly because I felt we didn’t vibe super well. (He’s definitely a very righteous moralist, and that doesn’t vibe with my left-hand path philosophy)

Anyway, shortly after Jesus left, I realized I no longer had a spirit guide. It was frightening and confusing at first, but I soon discovered that what this meant was I have to be my OWN guide, using MY intuition.

So I looked inward and talked to my own, deeper self, distinct from my shadow and darker voiced as well.

Last night I channeled something really awesome.

I was pondering Sin. In my left hand path philosophy, Sin is awesome. Transgression, rebellion, greed, lust, wrath, carnal desire, selfish desire, egoism over altruism, power over humility, sin over virtue.

If Virtue is the main tenet of the RHP, than in my opinion, Sin is the lifeblood of the LHP.

But something occurred to me and this is what I channeled: There IS A LITERAL OCCULT LANGUAGE OF SIN!

The way this “Sin script” I channeled works is like this. Every letter in the English alphabet corresponds to a unique syllable in the Sin cipher, except for L and U which translate as the same syllable.

Here is the cipher:

A = Tol

B = Cel

C = Drez

D = Sol

E = Fon

F = Ann

G = Gon

H = Til

I = Dun

J = Lik

K = Dink

L = Tarn

M = Poe

N = Arg

O = For

P = Orc

Q = Lol

R = Tin

S = Tilt

T = Arn

U = Tarn

V = Orn

W = Ant

X = Lin

Y = Lore

Z = Ert

As long as what you intend to manifest is sinful, selfish, sensuous, self oriented, etc. you can use it to manifest that purpose.

My intuition strongly says to really chant and feel the words (growl them even) with a visualization of your black flame flaring inside you. Chanting 10 times at least should be great.


Finally, when I met with Samael, his test to me was to see and really look at the change and flux all around me. How everything is constantly changing and moving whether it looks like it or not.

He then gave me some words of power that can be used to cause whatever I want to change in a manner I desire (within some degree of reason, he said, so no blowing up the moon, etc. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Anyway, so my cliff notes (or “qliph notes” as I call them) are as such:

Lilith: Recognize that my thoughts and desires, no matter how obscene or salacious, are MINE. I own them, they are creations of MY consciousness. Lilith’s gift to me was words of power that can open any Qliphoth sphere.

Samael: Recognize the change and flux everywhere. Gave me words to change things as I desire.

I sense the next Sphere I should go to is Asmodeus’s.

As usual I’ll keep things posted.

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I’m writing this down so I don’t forget. I doubt I will though.

I just did something incredible. My spiritual form has become demonic.

I put together the words for “I am a demonic beast!” in the language of sin I channeled.

I began to really chant the words when I heard a voice. It was Moloch. He said he represents the demonic current itself and as an Emissary of Satan, it was his duty to come to me when I had said these words.

He said to continue chanting the words for several more times and then after 24 chants I had done he said to lean back against the cushion of the chair I was sitting in.

He told me that after this, there was no going back. He said I may very well lose friends because of this (religious types or those that may sense my demonic nature and fear me) and some family may even dislike me because of this.

I accepted of course.

Then, all of a sudden it was as if there was something burning my left hand. Pins and needles almost.

Moloch said I would be receiving the mark of the demon. And he said it would be on my left wrist. I could sort of see something start appearing on my wrist.

He says it will be fully developed on the skin by the time I awake tomorrow.

I can even see my demonic form in my minds eye when I focus even slightly. I have very curved and twisted horns.

Moloch also said he would meet me again when I get to Thamiel. “You may now be a demon, but you still have more to learn”.

Another thing I must say is I feel so so calm since I’ve changed. Mentally and physically. Its like my thought stream has slowed down drastically. Its easier to focus now. Its so clear.

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Update on the last entry:

I feel blissed out from this transformation, so calm, but not like I don’t want to do anything, more like I feel confident I could do anything.

Even now I feel like I’m buzzing and vibrating from the energy in my being, but its calming.

Interestingly, I’m having trouble seeing exactly where the mark on my wrist is (I tend to get a lot of dry skin in general in the colder months).

I know I felt the energy surged through my left hand last night, and afterward I saw something on my wrist. What’s interesting is that the exact area where I saw it on my wrist last night looks a lot more red and dry right now. It doesn’t itch like the dry skin I have on my other hand, but out of everything on my left hand it’s pretty pronounced.

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This is really good content, thank you for posting it. I’m getting ready to begin work with the Qlippoth as well. Keep it up I’m bookmarking this thread.



I can see a mark on my wrist now. It’s still a little faint, but I can definitely see it now. It kind of resembles a “W” (or possibly an inverted “M”) except the line work on the right end of the W kind of goes off at a 45-ish degree angle, kind of like cursive.

Also at this point the dry skin patch is gone, so that part was not the mark, cause the demon mark doesn’t itch and isn’t raised like the itchy skin was.

Overall, my gut tells me it’s more of a sigil mark than just a written mark.

LOL! I just realized as I’m typing this that it could also mean “M” for “Mark”, but of course it’s a demon mark so it still has magic properties.

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You’re Welcome! That’s awesome you’re starting your Qlipphoth journey! Also thanks, I will! :smiling_imp:

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I’ve been having these experiences lately where I’m waking up and a demon contacts me. It’s pretty awesome, because at this point in my journey, the spirits are basically coming to me now.

A few days ago it was Beelzebub and he gave me knowledge of a powerful and fast-acting death hex that marks an enemy with the “Mark of the Flies”. Haven’t used it yet but I know it’s quite powerful. I can feel it.

Anyway, was waking up this morning when I heard a very loud and deep voice boom through my mind. It was Belphegor. He told me he wanted to give me an enchantment that will help me communicate with animals. I then rolled over on my back and he imbued my being with this enchantment. He said to let whatever visions I see in my mind’s eye happen, happen. I remember seeing a large black hand and a demonic face and something else I’m blanking on.

He then said it was done and that I even though I didn’t feel anything physically the power was there.

This whole interaction with Belphegor is very interesting for several reasons. One being that I literally applied yesterday for volunteer work with animals. Two being I had read about Belphegor recently before I volunteered (I had been thinking about volunteering for a while however) and the article had mentioned about him helping magicians speaking the language of animals. I feel like these two events are some kind of synchronicity.

Finally about Belphegor, when I think about him, I just feel a closeness to him that I have felt with very few people in my whole life. It’s almost like it’s romantic or something. A tender good feeling. I don’t know exactly how to describe it. I am bisexual and in brutal honestly the whole drawing of him on a toilet sets off some kind of kink. :sweat_smile:

Bottom line, I feel a strong affinity with Belphegor. I haven’t felt this with any of the demons I’ve worked with before. So I’m going to be sure to talk to him again tonight.

On a side note it’s interesting because when I woke up yesterday I saw King Paimon’s sigil in my mind’s eye. I checked my Qlipphoth chart and he isn’t listed as one of the Qlipha but I’ve heard depending on the chart the Qlipha listed can be different sometimes, idk. I’m going to contact him too, soon.

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A lot has happened since I last updated this…

I entered a romantic union with Belphegor. We did a ritual together to enter into union. He loves poop, nuff said!

I’ve learned a lot from him and in a future post I’ll put some stuff from my writings of his words.

On a side note, I actually used my psychokinesis to bend a spoon out of whack! When I focused energy into the spoon it became soft and very easy to bend and twist into a corkscrew! I’m a bit frustrated because I haven’t been able to do it again despite using the same technique. Idk I’ll look over my notes again, but maybe it’s just psychic anxiety? Idk.

Belphegor actually gave me a psychokinetic incantation that he says when you will energy into an object you hold in your hand and shout the words, you can actually physically duplicate the object!

He also said that I don’t have a blockage and that I just need more practice doing energy work.

So, believe me I will bend spoons again and succeed at duplicating objects.

In other occult news, I gazed into the kitchen window when the lights were on the other night, and I actually SAW myself in my demon form. Not just like in my mind’s eye, but I actually SAW my face turn dark grayish for a second or two and look like, well, a demon. It was soooo cool!

More to follow in the next post.

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I was in Florida recently and had an interesting experience. It seemed I was being tempted again by the Buddhist “current” if you will (energy, dogma, etc.) little did I know Belphegor was looking out for during this “turn” of mine.

When I was “under the influence” of this Buddhist something or other, I wasn’t thinking straight and found myself asking Belphegor to remove my Demon Mark so I could follow Amitabha Buddha. Belphegor was one step ahead of all this and actually created the illusion that my Mark had vanished.

Basically, he humored me until I came to my senses, and I realized I DO NOT want to follow Buddhist deities. Got to have my meat, lol.

Anyway after I finally came to my senses and realized I never wanted to give up my demon-ness Belphegor revealed to me that he never actually “removed” my Mark, (he also said it couldn’t be done as it’s forever) and I regained my ability to see it on my skin.

Suffice to say, I’ve noticed that sometimes Black Magick can be an internal battle of wills to resist religious dogma.

Finally, I have quite the spiritual destiny to rise to as King Azamenzar (my demonic name) and of course I’m not going to sit around and wait for that to happen. Which brings me to my next topic which is that Belphegor recently gave a concise but very powerful incantation to be chanted to ascend the dark flame within:

Akdenrarsos (Ack-den-wrar-soes)

“Chant this while visualizing your dark flame ascending and spiraling through your being, your demonic form. See yourself as your demon form, reveling and enjoying the flame’s power. This process will increase your power ever greater the more you use it. Enjoy.” - Belphegor

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Been talking a lot with Satan recently. It’s pretty cool that I’ve gotten to the point where I can pretty much call out the name of a demon and they answer in my mind’s ear.

We even made a pact together, basically he gave me an even greater boost to my power, and I agreed to use my powers to help hex fixtures of the church and state.

Another thing about Satan, is that he really brings out the freethinker in you. It’s really amazing.

Like, the other day I asked him for an incantation to unleash the powers of the devil within me and he actually said something along the lines of “I’m not going to give you that because I don’t need to. You can channel it yourself.”

And he was right. So, I channeled and looked deep within myself, closed my eyes and the words appeared to me in my mind’s eye.

“Orodenus Dracus Aras”

I asked myself for more information about this and my intuition said:

“Chant this to awaken the power of the devil within you, from the deepest pit and center of the black flame. Chanting this and focusing on the core of the flame attains the power of a Devil. Unfathomable power. In the red pit of the black flame lies the ultimate devilish power to be unleashed. Powers that can do anything.”

I did a chant and visualization with this incantation. It’s interesting to note however, that I was coming down with a bug that night. I don’t think it really had anything to do with the incantation, but it’s also really interesting how fast I got over that bug now that I think about it.

Like, I literally kicked this virus out in about 24 hours. I think it could actually be a sign I’m just getting stronger in general.

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So totally cool! Aras is such an old word filled of magic power as Dracus too

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I’m being told to start my initiation through the Qliphothic Spheres soon, so great to read your journal. You’re having amazing experiences and insights.

One thing that strikes me is that, from what you wrote, you don’t seem to have come up against the same sort of hardships that I’ve read in other people’s accounts of their Qliphothic journey’s. Do you think that’s an individual thing? Like Belphegor told you that you don’t have a blockage, where maybe other people do, so their experiences might be more harsh?



Earlier tonight, Belphegor told me of powerful ritual. There’s really no other way to say this, but it makes you a Ghoul.

The Ritual of the Ghoul:

“This is an ancient, and some say forbidden ritual, to become a Ghoul.

The ritual must be done in front of a mirror at exactly midnight, preferably right at 12. It may continue past 12 but must start exactly at 12.

You must gaze into the mirror and recite the word “Agaragoos”. It is then the King of the Ghouls will appear in the mirror. It will overtake your reflection and you must answer “yes” to ALL questions he asks you. There will be 4 questions total and when he is done asking them and you have answered all with “yes” he will place his hand on your head and bestow upon you the “curse of ghoul hood."

Nonetheless the ritual grants great power to the person who goes through with it.

So I did it.

At exactly midnight, I began gazing into the mirror and eventually I said the word. It was strange but amazing. The reflection of my head seemed to disappear briefly. Eventually I heard the King’s voice enter my mind. He asked me several questions, basically which were tests to see how far I would be willing to go to become a ghoul.

However, I answered yes to every question.

He then told me to kneel down on the floor and lean my head back. I then got the psychic impression he was dripping a nectar from his mouth into mine and touching the top of my head with his hand. I also felt a tingling in my fingers.

After this I almost immediately began to feel nauseously hungry, and my mouth began watering like crazy. I promptly went downstairs and wolfed down a plate of butter chicken and rice with a banana. The crazy thing is I don’t feel full at all really, my mouth is still watering.

So, there you have it. I have the “curse of ghoul hood”.

Belphegor told me that he’ll show me how to tap into this ghoul power tomorrow.

But for now, I’m going to bed.

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Another thing I’ve been up to lately is this exercise I developed in order to break down barriers to true perception of everything.

The way this works is by doing a reflective meditation where you focus and recite to yourself everything “you” are not.

For example “I am not (my name), there is no such thing as (my name)”.

This creates a breakdown of any fixed identity you associate with yourself, and the general idea is you begin to see yourself and other things very differently.

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Talked with Beelzebub earlier. He had been trying to get into contact with me for a while and finally stopped procrastinating, whipped out my phone, pulled up his sigil and I gazed into it until I heard his voice clearly.

His message had to do with one thing: Gluttony, and its relationship to occult power. He gave me this powerful incantation that is multi-faceted, but its power relates to consumption in one form or another.


He said this incantation can be used to “absorb the energy essence of things” akin to vampirism. However it has other uses, some of which may seem sort of mundane but very useful, such as getting other people to give you food.

He also mentioned that this word is the occult epitome of gluttony. E.g. enjoy it, but know it is very powerful.

Beelzebub also told me how when you eat things, you basically take them into your being. Hence when you absorb energy, you basically are consuming it to become more powerful.

Anyway I’m hitting the sack now.

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Have to say, I was just now at a spiritual crossroads.

I’ve been contemplating Theosis.

I’ll make this brief because I’m tired.

I’m feeling the call of Theosis. The joy of god-like-ness. Deification in the Eastern Faith.

I spoke with Belphegor and tbh I expected conniptions.

His response was very very interesting.

He basically said that me beginning Theosis is actually fine, but he warned me “to not be snared by the thralls of ideology” hence deification is one thing, but blindly falling into the folly of human interpretation of god is another thing entirely.

Hence, deification is my goal here.

On a side note, I did a tarot card reading earlier and my query was “What does Theosis hold for me?”

I got the fool card, and I interpret this positively.

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On a side note, I am still at my crossroads. I asked King Azamenzar what I should do and he said “follow your heart”.

He also said I should practice more no matter what path I follow from here on in.

Tbh, I think I still want to follow the path to demonic kingship. But as of now I’m making a resolution to practice EVERY DAY. No more procrastination and holding off.

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Ok, A FUCKTON of stuff has happened since I last wrote here.

Oh, where to begin?

I journeyed into Mound of the Unseelie with my Fey Guide. I ate of the black tree and believe it or not, I am now a Goblin myself. I sense the blue flame of the fey burning proud within my torso.

Got tricked into saying some prayers to Allah. Long story short I banished him quickly earlier tonight by letting my blue fire grow and push him away. His voice became distant and faded into nothing. Pretty cool.

Anyway, I’ve been really enamored with spiders lately. I saw a big one in my room the other day. They’ve been cropping up in my art too. I realized spiders are nature’s artists. So tonight I’ll be contacting Arachne and really going in with whatever she may tell me. If there is a “Path of the Spider” I will walk it now too.

I’m walking the path of the unseelie still, but I’ve realized pathworking is not always mutually exclusive.

Therefore, I am a Goblin, still have the mark of the demon and I will now walk the path of the spider.

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